PWD Kathleen Anduze Jan 2015

 Excerpts from my friend Kathleen Anduze’s FaceBook page at

  Kathleen Anduze January 22, 2015 at 9:34am

I am changing again & I feel it. I have always been the upbeat & optimistic person . Always. Now, only a thread keeps me interested in things. When I have spurts of energy. I “like” things of fb, I do a little sketching. The thread is getting ready to break. In my Lewy body mind, I think it might be easier to let the illness run it’s course. But then, that thread , like energy, or hope, pulls me up. Every night is haunted. Every morning my once strong 55 year old body feels sick to the core. Lightheaded, so close to passing out. 2 hours need to pass before I am with it. I am okay for a few hours, then fade again in the afternoons. Long gone are the days of making plans, having lunch or dinner with friends, or watching my granddaughter on my own. I will remain optimistic as much as I can. I will fight this illness, not only for me , but for my family. Thank goodness for fb ;I can still talk with friends. But, my truth is that for many hours of the day, I am in decline. I say this only to release the grip that LBD has on me today, & to be honest, as a person living with this illness, that as much as I am optimistic, I am different from hour to hour.

Truthful Kindness Kathleen Anduze , Do i have your permission to post text from this status update to my FB page and blog? From blog could pull for a written entry in PWD Perspective newsletter also. January 25 at 2:27pm

Kathleen Anduze Truthful Kindness, Yes, … Thank you – I admire all that you are doing. January 25 at 2:54pm


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