PWD Index Mo 2015-08 (August)

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This month’s rotation will start with “D” for given names in alphabet (so end with “C”). 

Link Index for this month’s Newsletter,  gathering primarily August 2015 material from over 50 different persons, with a total of over 80 different links published Wednesday, September 30, 2015.  An additional 30 links have also been categorized here (but not included in NewsLetter) for a total of over 110 links listed and categorized below.

Below is the index for August entries in the re-titled dementia “Symptom Perspectives” newsletter.  Since there has recently been hot debate about who has the right to call themselves “PWD” (Persons With Dementia); in what level of diagnosis is necessary to wear this label, and how often patient must be re-examined in order to retain the label  — (and ALSO Medical vocabulary changes in USA) — I am beginning to minimize the “PWD” label from my own vocabulary.  So now newsletter title reads

Dementia “Symptom Perspectives”;
See life “Thru the Looking Glass” of our dementia SYMPTOMS. Apply resource of lived experiences, & watch your own PWD relationships blossom as result.
Includes projects from persons with diagnosis of “Dementia” in various types … & includes MCI patients.

Hoping these changes of terminology will minimize misunderstandings and maximize participation.

I would like to thank each person sharing their personal life.  My hope is that these words and projects can become valuable resources for change in relationships, treatment, and policies.

30-Sep index DSP Index 2015-08
symptms, sleep 06-Aug story Agnes Houston Chnges in Sleep Pattrn
commun 20-Aug story Alice Sands Mention Their Name
symptms, Dx 20-Aug vid Andrew Garvey Lrng2Liv w/ FTD
Symptms, driving 06-Aug story Anne MacDonald Don’t Wait 2Stop Driving
nutr, 26-Aug story Archie Latta Got to Eat Right
symptms, mobility 19-Jul categ Barry Pankhurst Walking & Traffic
hygiene, coping, caregiv, 12-Aug vid Barry Pankhurst Personal Hygiene
geog, advocacy 15-Aug proj Barry Pankhurst Proj/TV: Alz Indonesia
Dx, symptms, Rx, 20-Aug story Bob O’Donnell (Dr) Dx change to MCI but “MILD” ?? & non-profit org
stigma, symptms, prspectv 12-Aug categ Brian LeBlanc vid: stigma
pet, coping 13-Aug vid Brian LeBlanc proj/vid: pet therapy
sepratn anx, pets, 17-Aug story Brian LeBlanc 1st Day of School
symptms 20-Aug categ Brian LeBlanc Recogniz Sx
driv, indep, freedm, 23-Aug story Cecil Ristow Going Along – or Getting Out
driv, 06-Aug story Chris Forse Dementia & Driving Policies
terms, burdn, relat, commun 02-May pic Chris Roberts Proj/Pic:  not “Burden
Dx, risk, CareHm 21-Aug vid Chris Roberts Vid: DAACC2a 2014: & risk
Dx, symptms, stigma, advocacy 15-Aug proj Christine Bryden Proj/intrvw: Work of Memory
lit, memoir 26-Aug categ Christine Bryden Bk: Before I Forget
Dx, prspectv, coping, hope 28-Aug categ Christine Bryden proj/extract frm bk”B4 I 4get”
Dx, Sx, 31-Aug story Christine Bryden How I Survived Dx
symptms, emotns 12-Jul categ Cindy Stolz-Odell Let Swallowing Begin
stigma, commun 04-Aug categ Cindy Stolz-Odell Can No One Hear Me
media, SocProbs, $, stigma 13-Aug proj Cindy Stolz-Odell Proj/Published: SSD Comparison
prspectv, Thxgvg, coping 22-Aug categ Cindy Stolz-Odell Feeling Sorry4Self
symptms, relat, Rx, caregiv 30-Aug story Cindy Stolz-Odell Frustrations
symptms, Dx, stigma 11-Mar story Cynthia A. Guzman Chkn Soup 4 Soul
hist 16-Aug proj Daryl Lees Proj/VJ Day: Lest We Forget
late-stage, caregiv, burdn, wrds, relat, fear 12-Aug story David Hilfiker Being a Burden
sex, symptms, relat 09-Aug vid David Kramer Proj/intrvw: sex & Dementia
resrch, dementia pathology, prspectv 27-Aug story David Kramer Dementia Pathology
craft 04-Aug proj Dianne White Proj: Porch & furniture
emot, wrds, commun, relat, symptms, art 20-May categ George Huba PhD Frustratg w Dementia
emot, symptms, planng 17-Jun categ George Huba PhD Dementia & Stress
planng 05-Aug categ George Huba PhD 2Do B4 Cognitiv Decline
commun, relat 25-Aug story George Huba PhD “Fine” trap
relat, commun topics 27-Aug proj George Huba PhD Proj/map: to engage PWD
SocProbs, speclists, advocacy, terms 08-Jul categ George Rook Live Well w Dementia ?
flex, routine, travl, Rx, 22-Aug story George Rook Back to Normal
symptms 26-Aug story Gill HS Green Headaches & Stuff
prspectv 06-May vid Gina Shaw Vid: Living Well
perspctv, projects 04-Aug proj Gord Settle Proj/Tractr hitch w pics
hope, Rx, stats 10-Aug story Greg O’Brien Waking Dream
$, geneology, sex, 17-Aug proj Greg O’Brien Proj/Judy Fund
prspectv, enviro, advocacy, anger, coping 06-Aug story Harry Urban It is what it is
commun, prspectv, 14-Aug proj Harry Urban Proj/list:  “Do” and “Don’t”
ID, prspectv, symptms, recogn, craftg 22-Aug categ Harry Urban August Part B
schedule 31-Aug proj Helga Rohra Proj/calendar
autobiogr 16-Aug vid Jennifer Bute Proj/vid: LifeBook
music 05-Jul proj John Mann proj/concert w Vanc Musician & Actor w EOA
driving, symptms 19-Aug story John Quinn It’s Okay
fundraisg, Dx 24-Aug categ John Quinn Support for YOD
media, art, confidence 19-Aug story John Williams Sky News
art, symptms 26-Aug proj John Williams Proj/intrvw: Alz Doesn’t Slo Art
Dx, symptms, paintg 29-Jul vid Kathleen Anduze Proj/vid/art: Revisn of Artistic Style
self, rights, psych 12-Aug categ Keith E. Oliver Selfhood
symtms, Dx 21-Aug categ Keith E. Oliver Symptms & Solutns
resrch, Dx, risk factrs 26-Aug story Keith E. Oliver Risk Factors
photo, fam 15-Aug proj Ken Clasper Proj/photos: Killope Mine
stress, Dx 19-Aug categ Ken Clasper Diagnosis & Stress
stigma, commun 20-Aug categ Ken Clasper Silly Remarks
transportatn, cust srv, “d-frndly” 22-Aug story Ken Clasper Barnard Castle
symptms, night, terrors 25-Aug categ Ken Clasper Graphic Nightmares
Dx, symptms, career 09-Aug proj Kenneth Martinez Proj/intrvw: Retired Judge
Dx, media, advocacy 21-Jul proj Kris Bakowski Proj/intrvw: AtlanaMag
exrcs, emot, hlth 05-Aug vid Laurie Scherrer Proj/vid: Import of Exercise
symptms, travl, planng, coping stratgy, cookg) 11-Aug proj Laurie Scherrer Proj/intrvw: TogethrInThis
Dx, symptms 30-Aug story Mary Beth Wighton FTD Awareness
poem, emot, hosp 17-Jan proj Melanie Wagner Proj/poem: Alone
poem, disAbilities 20-Apr story Melanie Wagner Food for Thought
exrcs, enrgy, struggl 12-Aug story Melvyn Brooks Just Exhausted
Dx, Rx, terms, MCI 31-Jul categ Michael Ellenbogen Proj/intrvw/vid: Dire Dx
advocacy, socProbs, emot, 05-Aug vid Michael Ellenbogen Proj/intrvw/vid: Over the Top
$, cure, SocProbs 11-Aug categ Michael Ellenbogen Proj/intrvw/vid: Future is now
resrch 24-Aug story Michael Ellenbogen Recommendatns re trial Engagement
attitude, relat 10-Aug categ Mick Carmody Four am
gratitude, emot, 11-Aug proj Mick Carmody Proj/prose: Eventful & Fruitful
busy, prspectv 11-Aug categ Mick Carmody Four am
advocacy, relat 15-Aug story Mick Carmody Collaboration
Dx, symptms, 2014 ?? categ Multi: Dr David Hilfiker, Rick Phelps, & Jean DelCampo Proj/intrvw: Fade2Blank pt1
Dx, symptms 19-Aug proj Multi: Karen Francis & Tina Nichols Proj/intrvw: TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
sleep, symptms, night 11-Aug categ Multi: Michael Ellenbogen, Truthful Kindness, Harry Urban Proj/intrvw: D Chats: Night issues
Dx, MCI term, Farms 09-Jun proj Multi: Paulan Gordon, Robert Bowles, Harry Urban Proj/intrvw/D Chats: MCI term, Farms (w/Harry & Paulan)
wrds, media, stigma 17-Aug proj Multi: Tommy Dunne, Agnes Houston,Keith Oliver, Gina Shaw, Anne MacDonald Proj/intrvw: Not a Victim
prspectv, symptms, caregivrs 06-Aug proj Myrna Norman Proj/Prose:  Step in my Shoes
symptms, Dx, 27-Jul categ Norman Mc Namara Vid: msg
symptms, Dx, 01-Aug vid Norman Mc Namara Proj/vid: Losing (PWD) friends
emot 14-Aug story Norman Mc Namara Somethings Broken
music, media 24-Aug categ Norman Mc Namara Proj/MP3 Write-Up
media, music 16-Feb vid Paul Hitchmough Proj/vid/song: Wanna Dance
terms, suffrg, emot 19-Aug story Paul Hitchmough “Suffering”
football 24-Aug proj Phillip Watmough Proj/Football
emot, symptms, Rx 08-Jul categ Rick Phelps Dementia & Feelings
volunteerg, srch/rescu 15-Jul vid Rick Phelps Proj/vid/drone: Srch & Rescu
time, chng, prspectv 10-Aug story Rick Phelps While I Still Can
driv, plan 31-Aug categ Rick Phelps Dementia & Driving
driving, planng 10-Aug story Robert Bowles Driving
symptms, paintg 27-Aug story Robert Wright Finding Twenty
autobiogr 01-Aug story Russell Scott Unplanned
driving 29-Jun proj Sandy Halperin proj/intrvw: Driving w Early Stage
symptms, Dx, Media, ID 06-Mar story Sandy Oltz Hall Still Sandy
relat, fam, loneli, funerl 10-Jul categ Silverfox Visiting Angels
dreams, night, emot, terror 10-Aug story Silverfox Dreams out of Control
autonomic dysFunctn, LBD, 11-Aug categ Silverfox BP Slamming
Dx, CTE, advocacy 06-Aug story Steven A Barbieri Why Walk
caregiv, 12-Aug story Tommy Dunne A Carer
symptms, coping strategy, 11-Aug categ Truthful Kindness Sound DisOrientation
emot, grief, symptms, advocacy 18-Aug story Truthful Kindness Path thru Loss 2 Advocacy
music 25-Aug categ Truthful Kindness Proj/Music is Connection
Dx, MCI, SocProbs, SocSrvs, $ 27-Aug Proj Truthful Kindness proj/Voices w Dementia
$, driving, music 25-Aug proj Valerie Blumenthal proj/intrvw: Oxford Times
Dx, symptms, PCA, 2015 story Valerie Blumenthal Valerie’s Story
symptms, Dx, coping, resrch, Rx, advocacy 17-Aug story Wendy Mitchell Memory to Let Me Down

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