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Published 4am 2015-02/01: PWD Perspective newsletter: “Read our Sunday paper to see Dementia “Thru the Looking Glass” of fellow PWD (Persons With Dementia) Life Perceptions”.

20150201 index PWD Perspective Index Mo 2015-01 Jan
20150201 1 vid Agnes Houston Vid: AE Conference 2014
20150201 1 story Alexandra Boothby w/ Huntington’s Disease Word for 2015 is Fearless
20150201 1 proj Barry Pankhurst Poem: Embraced within Fear
20150201 2 vid Barry Pankhurst Vid: Reality When Sundowning–NDZUmyfEkKzMwJ8qw
20150201 2 proj Bob O’Donnell Vid: Video Diary
20150201 3 proj Chris Roberts Poem: Night Time
20150201 4 proj Christine Bryden w/FTD Intrvw: Radio 2GB
20150201 5 proj Christine Bryden w/FTD Vid: Intrvw: Today Show
20150201 2 story Cindy Odell Multi Tasking
20150201 3 story Dr. David Kramer Alz Athlete in Trng
20150201 3 vid Dr. David Kramer Vid: Intrvw: AlzSup “First Signs”
20150201 4 vid Dr. Jennifer Bute Vid: End-of-Life Issues
20150201 6 proj Garry George Wilkes Proj: Ballet Project Update
20150201 5 vid Garry George Wilkes Vid: Making “Re-Awakening” Musical
20150201 4 story Gary Bricker Lost Identity
20150201 7 proj Gayle Harris Story: Gayle Harris Success Story
20150201 5 story George Rook Imagine Different World
20150201 6 story Gill HS Green Feelings of Guilt
20150201 8 proj Gord Settle Proj: Photos in Jan 2015
20150201 7 story Greg O’Brien Still Alice Still Greg Still Enduring
20150201 9 proj Harry Urban Vid: DementiaChats/ Advocacy
20150201 8 story Harry Urban January Thoughts
20150201 9 story Helga Rohra Empowering People
20150201 10 story Hilary Doxford World Dementia Council PWD
20150201 6 vid Hilary Doxford Vid: Intrvw AlzSoc Dementia Guide
20150201 11 story Janet Pitts Sharing Christmas
20150201 12 story Joe Potocny Sure this will …
20150201 13 story Kathleen Anduze w/LBD Kathleen Anduze Jan 2015
20150201 14 story Ken Clasper Getting Diagnosis
20150201 10 proj Lauren Ga Mei U w/LBD Story: Lauren U Success Story
20150201 11 proj Laurie Scherrer Story: Laurie Scherrer Success Story
20150201 7 vid Laurie Scherrer Vid: DM: SignLang Lesson Rvw
20150201 15 story Lori Michaud Lori Michaud 2015 Jan
20150201 12 proj Marion James Story: Marion James Success Story
20150201 16 story Mary Beth Wighton Nationl Dementia Plans n PWD
20150201 8 vid Mary Beth Wighton Vid: Dementia Vws around World -01
20150201 13 proj Max McCormick Story: Max McCormick Success Story
20150201 17 story Melanie Wagner Emergency Rooms
20150201 18 story Michael Ellenbogen Alz Not an Excuse
20150201 9 vid Michael Ellenbogen Vid: Choices we Need
20150201 14 proj Mick Carmody Poem: Back When
20150202 26 story Myrna Norman Myrna Norman Jan 2015
20150201 19 story Norman Mc Namara Leaving Front Door Open
20150201 20 story Pamela Gray Apprec for Mentors & Quiltg Proj
20150201 15 proj Paula Wolfert Intrvw & Video PBS NewsHour
20150201 10 vid Paula Wolfert Vid blog 01 Woman on a Mission
20150201 11 vid Paulan Gordon Vid: DM: Night Vision
20150201 16 proj Paulan in OH Story: Paulan in OH
20150201 21 story Rick Phelps Memory People 10,000 Members
20150201 22 story Robert Bowles Emotional State
20150201 12 vid Robert Bowles Vid: DM: Handing over Keys
20150201 23 story Silverfox Progressive Disease
20150201 24 story Steve Ponath Living with EOAD Speech
20150201 13 vid Susan Stephen Vid: DAI: Living with PCA
20150201 17 proj Susan Suchan w/FTD Proj: Fund travel Conf etc
20150201 14 vid Susan Suchan w/FTD Vid: DM: Hygiene Tips
20150201 18 proj Terri Gadal Poem: Through the Cracks
20150201 15 vid Terry Pratchett Vid: Intrvw: AlzLive 2014-Aug 18
20150201 19 proj Tommy & Joyce Dunne Intrvw: Not Suffering With It
20150201 25 story Truthful Kindness Hole in Self Control
20150201 20 proj Valerie Blumenthal Poem: A Visit
20150201 21 proj Zel & mom “Ann Caddey” Zel Caddey Intro
20150201 index PWD Website Index

PWD Perspective Facebook account has been deleted by Facebook.  So I am now posting PWD Perspective updates on my personal Truthful Kindness account.  (Neither “group” nor “page” structure meets my needs.)  Index for this is now below on page.

* Admin issues: SHARE dementia awareness thru buttons below. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments, but please filter your comments with truthful loving kindness to all concerned. If interested in receiving notice of future blog postings, subscriptions are available through a “follow” button in the upper left corner (MS Explorer) or lower right (Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome). If there is an advertisement below, I have no control over what is shown.

Persons With Dementia (PWD) are experts at many aspects of dementia issues.  “PWD Perspective” was set up for us as PWD to share our perspective of dementia issues with the public.   Thank you for caring enough to want to learn about PWD issues in order to better communicate and relate to your loved one.  If an instructor, thank you for your eagerness to hear about dementia issues from the patients themselves, in order to better teach others dementia-oriented communication/relationship techniques. You are encouraged to comment, and are very much appreciated.

20150130 FB Valerie Blumenthal “Time Laps”
20150130 FB Terri Gadal Through the Cracks
20150129 tw Bob O’Donnell Jan video diary
20150129 FB Cindy Odell New blog to add
20150129 prsnl TLK personal Time Spent on Dementia Issues
20150128 FB Harry Urban Flashbacks
20150128 prsnl TLK personal photos; which 4 “bus card” ?
20150128 tw Gill HS Green Inspir frm othr PWD
20150127 FB PWD Stories Stories project has 13 PWD
20150127 prsnl TLK personal quote The Loneliest Place
20150127 FB Zel Caddey Art Intro
20150127 FB Pamela Gray Quilting Projects
20150126 tw Tommy Dunne Quote: Sm Piece of Me
20150126 FB Truthful Kindness Hole in my Self-Control
20150126 FB Lori Michaud Abstract Thinking
20150125 prsnl TLK personal Dr Rod Kersh re conversation
20150125 FB Terri Gadal Poem: Veiled
20150125 FB Kathleen Anduze Changing Again
20150125 FB TLK personal Photo Swan River
20150125 FB Truthful Kindness Comment re “Disappear”
20150125 FB Harry Urban Expressing Self
20150124 tw Chris Roberts Lookg 4wrd2Conference but not jrny”
20150124 tw Greg O’Brien Intrvw/ NPR Part1 Inside Alz
20150123 FB Greg O’Brien Still Alice Still Greg Still Enduring
20150123 FB PWD Perspective Newsletter Request
20150123 FB Wendy Still of the Night
20150122 FB Norm Mac For Peaceful Sleep
20150122 FB TLK personal Response2 “Dancing w PWD”
20150121 FB Garry George Wilkes Prsnl Pg4 Garry 4welcome
20150121 FB Paula Wolfert Welcome & intrvw/
20150121 FB Robert Bowles New Website & blog
20150120 prsnl TLK personal Dementia Lang 2015-01/12
20150119 FB TLK personal GRB n TLK half-shaved
20150119 prsnl TLK personal Shibs “Chair /SocHlth 2015/6”
20150119 tw TLK personal Our probs 2figure out
20150119 tw WithoutWarningR US grp4 young PWD
20150119 tw TLK personal encouragmnt4TLK re blog
20150119 tw Chris Norris A Day in the Life of (Chris N)
20150119 tw TLK personal encouragmnt4TLK re blog
20150119 FB Truthful Kindness Purpose/Distrib 4Success Stories
20150118 FB David Kramer Kramer’s Corner
20150117 FB Truthful Kindness Newest Project: Success Stories
20150117 FB Truthful Kindness Lived Exper at Eye Dr
20150116 FB Terri Gadal Blog: Dead Letters
20150116 FB Helga Rohra DAI: Intro Board Member
20150116 FB Greg O’Brien Pic: Speaks MGH Institute
20150116 FB Kelli McGowan Imagine Being in My Situation
20150116 FB Harry Urban Friends & Dementia Awareness
20150116 FB Norm Mac New Dark Clouds
20150116 FB PWD Welcome new friends
20150115 FB Gord Settle Art photos: Sunrise the Other Morning
20150115 FB Bob O’Donnell New Blog for index
20150115 FB Truthful Kindness Café tonight
20150115 FB PWD Index now prepared
20150115 FB George Rook Blog: Imagine a Different World
20150115 FB Melanie Wagner Fresh Challenges this week
20150115 FB PWD Best Hlth Blogs of 2014 Contest
20150114 tw D and I Dementia & Imagination Exhib Art Grp
20150114 prsnl Private save 2009 Dementia Friendly Language
20150114 FB PWD LBDA survey
20150114 FB David Kramer Life’s a Beach Enjoy the Waves
20150114 FB Robert Bowles Wonderful Opportunity
20150112 FB Barry Pankhurst Embraced Within Fear
20150112 FB Norm Mac Leaving The Front Door Open
20150112 FB PWD Best Hlth Blogs of 2014 Contest
20150112 FB Terri Gadal No Flowers Now
20150111 FB Truthful Kindness Blog Time Priority Adj & Bathtime
20150111 FB David Kramer Abandonment
20150111 FB Laurie Scherrer Sign Language w/Dementia #4
20150111 FB Myrna Norman Lived Experience of Peer communication
20150110 FB Truthful Kindness Visiting Lauren & Mah Tovu
20150109 FB TLK Debbie Nelson friend PWD
20150109 FB Terri Gadal Our being does make a difference
20150109 FB Jean Lyon Bulbs in Garden
20150109 FB Gord Settle Bug’s Break Album
20150109 FB Harry Urban Years Down the Road
20150109 FB Garry George Wilkes Ballet in Development
20150109 FB TLK personal Computer Complications
20150109 FB TLK Kelli McGowan friend
20150108 tw TLK personal hearg frm Young PWD
20150108 tw TLK personal my “terms” entry in Shibs’ Bk
20150108 FB Michael Ellenbogen Intrvw VoiceAmerica
20150108 tw Alice Sands What we can Achieve
20150108 FB Tommy Dunne Intrvw Liverpool Echo
20150107 FB TLK personal share: “Wake up Perspective”
20150107 FB Greg O’Brien Reading “On Pluto” at Alz Assoc
20150107 FB PWD Best Hlth Blogs of 2014 Contest
20150107 FB Christine Bryden Intrvw Radio 873 AM Jan 6, 2015
20150106 FB Lauren Ga Mei U Comparisons in Art 2012 u 2015
20150106 FB Truthful Kindness Video moving chickens
20150106 FB Susan Suchan New Project “Traveling 2Those Who Cant”
20150106 FB Truthful Kindness Happy refreshed lady
20150105 tw Melanie Wagner blog Emerg Rm disbelief
20150105 prsnl TLK personal encouragmnt4TLK re PWD
20150104 FB PWD PWD Perspective NL “Best of 2014″b posted
20150104 FB PWD PWD Perspective NL “Best of 2014″a posted
20150104 FB PWD Delay for NewsLetter
20150102 tw George Rook blog dementia & inhibition
20150102 tw Garry George Wilkes Instead of feeling sorry 4self
20150102 tw TLK personal Revelatn of PWD stories DiverseAlz
20150102 tw TLK personal Shib “impression of duck” w Norrms
20150102 tw TLK retweet Experts by Exper Darren Gormley
20150101 FB PWD Welcome Melanie Wagner
20150101 FB TLK personal new HlthLine Blog Contest
20150101 FB PWD Nominating PWD Blogs in contest
20150101 FB TLK personal Lauren’s drwgs w/video “Where Did You Go”
20150101 FB TLK personal Introvert “”
20150101 FB PWD Perspective Confusion re PWD Perspective

* Admin issues: SHARE dementia awareness thru buttons below. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments, but please filter your comments with truthful loving kindness to all concerned. If interested in receiving notice of future blog postings, subscriptions are available through a “follow” button in the upper left corner (MS Explorer) or lower right (Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome). If there is an advertisement below, I have no control over what is shown.


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