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Published 9pm 2015-01/04: PWD Perspective newsletter: “See life “Thru the Looking Glass” of fellow PWD (Persons With Dementia) Life Perceptions. Apply resource of PWD lived experiences, & watch your own PWD relationships blossom as result.”   …   More than 55 PWD participants and total 123 items in this “Best of 2014” issue, including written, pictures, and video.

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project, Gord Settle, Art: Photography 2014

1 index PWD Perspective Index Newsletter
2 story Alexandra Boothby Boston Globe South Article
3 story Alexandra Boothby Surprise 24th Birthday Party
4 story Alexandra Boothby Exercise & Huntingtons Disease
5 story Barry Pankhurst More Articles 3
6 story Barry Pankhurst More Articles 2
7 story Barry Pankhurst More Articles 1
8 story Chris Roberts Night Time
9 story Chris Roberts Talk About Diagnosis
10 story Chris Roberts Care Driver Partner Child
11 project Christine Bryden Australian Story -Forget Me Not
12 story Christine Bryden Christine Now
13 story Dena Dotson How Would You Feel
14 story Donnalynn Morin Been a Long Time Coming
15 project Garry George Wilkes Intrvw/ Smorgasbord
16 story Gayle Harris Dementia Awareness Posters 2014
17 story George Rook Lets Get it Out There
18 story George Rook Things U Don’t Know U don’t know
19 story George Rook Why I do This
20 story Gill Hsg Rvw 2014
21 story Gill Hsg Travelling w Alz
22 story Gill Hsg Pity in Your Eyes
23 project Greg O’Brien Intrvw: Battle Against Time
24 story Greg O’Brien Delivering the Difficult News
25 story Greg O’Brien Doctor & Patient
26 story Harry Urban My Thoughts on Dementia
27 story Helga Rohra Helga 2014
28 story Howard Glick Death Plateau
29 story Janet Pitts Dealing with Apathy
30 story Jennifer Bute Three Notes from 2014
31 project Jennifer Bute Resources/ Glorious Opportunity
32 project Joe Potocny Return the Favor
33 story Joe Potocny A Dear One is Gone
34 project Kathleen Anduze Art Contributions
35 story Ken Clasper Problems w Professionals
36 story Ken Clasper Dreams & Nightmares
37 story Ken Clasper Media & Dementia
38 project Lauren U Art 2014
39 story Laurie Scherrer Knowing is the Hardest Part
40 story Laurie Scherrer Hardest Day So Far
41 project LaVerne Belles Crafts of 2014
42 story Mary Beth Wighton Humpty Dumpty
43 story Mary Beth Wighton Dementia in Workplace
44 project Max McCormick Art in 2014
45 story Mel Wagner Random Thoughts
46 story Michael Stempora FTD Notes
47 project Michael Woods Art & Quotes in 2014
48 story Mick Carmody Dedication & True Love
49 story Mick Carmody Inexperience
50 story Norman Mc Namara Coloured Cutlery
51 story PWD Perspective Quotes Nov 2014
52 story Richard Taylor Not a Clue
53 story Rick Phelps What am I Doing Here
54 story Rick Phelps Nightmares
55 story Robert Bowles FB Journal Summer 2014
56 story Robert Bowles Speech4 LBDA walk Oct 2014
57 story Robert Wright Random Thoughts
58 story Robert Wright A Little Insight
59 story Robert Wright Open Letter to G0d
60 project Sandy Halperin Intrvw: CNN Sandy’s Story 1
61 story Silverfox The Tough Times
62 story Silverfox New Experience
63 story Silverfox Dreams
64 story Terri Gadal Prose 2014
65 story Tommy Dunne Because You Care
66 story Tommy Dunne 2014 Festive Spirit
67 project Tommy Dunne Quotes 2014
68 story Truthful Kindness Diagnosis and Expectations
69 project Truthful Kindness Scattered Insight
70 project Truthful Kindness Conversation Suggestions
71 story Valerie Blumenthal I am Still Me
72 story Vicki Wells Bedard Late Night & Parish Life
73 story Vicki Wells Bedard Surprise Fourth of July
74 story Vicki Wells Bedard Thanksgiving 1950
75 story Wendy 7713 Wander Walking
76 story Wendy 7713 Reasons I Love Working
77 story Wendy 7713 From Those w Dementia
78 project Wendy Sharps Intrvw/ Diagnosis & Age Appropriate Srvs
79 video Garry George Wilkes vid music “ReAwakening” intro
80 video Laurie Scherrer vid Sign Language Lesson2
81 video Susan Suchan vid intrvw /Fly the Coop
82 video Rick Phelps vid SIU Schl/Med re MemPeopl
83 video Janet Pitts vid intro/DAI at ADI May 2014
84 video Robert Bowles vid intrvw /Conversations in Care
85 video Norman Mc Namara vid/DM /Colors can Affect
86 video Helga Rohra vid/DM /Stand and Speak
87 video Michael Ellenbogen vid intrvw/ Skydiving Adventure
88 video Jennifer Bute vid/DM Kitchen Adaptations
89 video Susan Suchan vid/DM PPA Primary Progressive Aphasia
90 video Norman Mc Namara vid/DM Misdiagnosis
91 video Helga Rohra vid/DM DemAware Germany
92 video Susan Suchan vid/ “Live For Today” walk speech
93 video Susan Grant vid “Planning4Hope/FTD”
94 video Charee vid “Whom I May Concern”
95 video Christine Bryden vid intrvw/ Prof John Hodges
96 video Karen Francis vid/DM TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
97 video Paulan Gordon vid/DM Vascular Dementia
98 video Mary Howard vid/DM Positive Energy
99 video Richard Taylor vid/DM Don’t Wait
100 video Diana Winoker vid/DM FTD FrontoTemporal
101 video Tina Nichols vid/DM TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
102 video Karen Francis vid/DM Become Advocate
103 video Paulan Gordon vid/DM Memories in Journal
104 video Mary Howard vid/DM Educating Doctors
105 video Richard Taylor vid/DM Don’t Lose Purpose
106 video Diana Winoker vid/DM Traveling World w FTD
107 video Karen Francis vid/DM … & Depression
108 video Paulan Gordon vid/DM … & Spousal Relationships
109 video Mary Howard vid/DM Don’t let any1 Tell YOU
110 pic Kathleen Anduze pic “Piece on Earth”
111 pic Max McCormick pic “Sensory Overload”
112 pic Michael Woods pic “Early Onset Vascular Dementia”
113 pic Truthful Kindness pic “Scattered Insight”
114 pic Kathleen Anduze pic “View From Backyard”
115 pic Lauren U pic Hallucination Collage
116 pic Michael Woods pic “Regard La Lune”
117 pic LaVerne Belles pic “Instead … I Go Here”
118 pic Kathleen Anduze pic “Just Dreaming”
119 pic Max McCormick pic “2014 Gifts”
120 pic Max McCormick pic “Zentangle doodle”
121 pic LaVerne Belles pic craft “Ho Ho Ho”
122 pic LaVerne Belles pic craft “Walnut Reindeer”

PWD Perspective Facebook account has been deleted by Facebook.  So I am now posting PWD Perspective updates on my personal Truthful Kindness account.  (Neither “group” nor “page” structure meets my needs.)  Index for Dec 2014 is now below on page.

* Admin issues: SHARE dementia awareness thru buttons below. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments, but please filter your comments with truthful loving kindness to all concerned. If interested in receiving notice of future blog postings, subscriptions are available through a “follow” button in the upper left corner (MS Explorer) or lower right (Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome). If there is an advertisement below, I have no control over what is shown.

Persons With Dementia (PWD) are experts at many aspects of dementia issues.  “PWD Perspective” was set up for us as PWD to share our perspective of dementia issues with the public.   Thank you for caring enough to want to learn about PWD issues in order to better communicate and relate to your loved one.  If an instructor, thank you for your eagerness to hear about dementia issues from the patients themselves, in order to better teach others dementia-oriented communication/relationship techniques. You are encouraged to comment, and are very much appreciated.

20141230 Terri Gadal Change & New Beginnings
20141230 Robert Bowles Cervical Procedure Today
20141229 Harry Urban Too Much?
20141229 PWD Perspective 3best for “Best of 2014” NL
20141229 Terri Gadal Latest wisdom in blog
20141228 Barry Pankhurst Deterioration Dec 2014
20141228 Truthful Kindness Share: Poster “Still My Life”
20141228 Laurie Scherrer Sign Language w/Dementia #2
20141227 Truthful Kindness Share: “10 Location Devices”
20141227 Dementia Mentors Share: “Hospital Wristbands”
20141227 Norm Mac Share: Song for all
20141227 David Kramer Share: Dementia 101
20141226 TLK personal Vertigo mostly over
20141223 Truthful Kindness Lived Experience of Thirst Disconnect
20141223 Truthful Kindness Lived experience of Smell Hallucinations
20141222 Michael Woods Quote Christmas meaning
20141222 Terry Pratchett Intrvw: Time is Running Out
20141222 Ken Howard Intrvw: Whose Shoes
20141221 Truthful Kindness Blog: Lived Exper as Resource 4 Pros
20141221 TLK personal Movie “Defiance” & fam hist
20141221 Valerie Blumenthal Blog: A Sobering Time
20141220 Kathleen Anduze Art: “Peace on Earth” featured by LBDA
20141220 PWD Perspective Issue ready
20141220 PWD Perspective Reminder to submit
20141219 Jenny Intrvw: Jenny’s Wk Dementia Challengers
20141219 Terri Gadal Time’s Hidden Agenda
20141219 Gord Settle Photos & concerns4sister
20141217 Norm Mac Dementia Diaries 2015
20141217 Prunella Scales Intrvw w/Rebecca Ley
20141216 Richard Taylor Why don’t Folks ask People ?
20141216 George Rook Things U don’t Know U don’t Know
20141216 Kate Swaffer Congrats Masters of Science
20141215 TLK personal Doc: “stay down another week”
20141215 Mary Beth Wighton Blog: “Dementia in the Workplace”
20141215 Terri Gadal Blog: “On Communication”
20141215 Richard Taylor Share: TED Alanna Shaikh
20141214 Truthful Kindness Blog: Conversation Tips
20141214 Terry Pratchett “Father Christmas Work at Zoo”
20141213 PWD Perspective Short newsletter
20141213 PWD Perspective NL request to submit
20141212 Gord Settle Playing With Camera
20141212 Michael Woods Art: “Regard La Lune”
20141212 Janet Neal Appeal for Prayer
20141212 Harry Urban Power to Help Others
20141212 Gill HS Green My Dementia Dreaming
20141212 Laurie Scherrer Sign Language w/Dementia #1
20141211 TLK personal Electr is blinking
20141210 TLK personal Pic at cliff w/ waves
20141210 TLK personal storm scheduled
20141210 PWD Perspective Share: Still Alice
20141209 Janet Neal Share: Rudolph Reindeer
20141209 Chris Roberts Pic: Reindeer costume
20141209 Rick Phelps Video Presentation
20141209 Truthful Kindness My Choice of Techniques
20141209 Greg O’Brien Video 7min “Battle Against Time”
20141209 Harry Urban Current Events
20141209 Robert Bowles Webinar
20141208 Diana L. Winoker Speaking at Dementia Care Seminar
20141208 Sabrina Ann Daniels Thayer Share: LBDA Behaviorl Chnges
20141208 Helga Rohra German Commitment Award
20141208 PWD Perspective Share: FTD Behaviorl Variant
20141208 Jean Lyon Not My Medication
20141208 Michael Woods Quote: To Appear Normal
20141208 Terri Gadal Blog: Relax Your Mind
20141208 TLK personal BJD&JA “What’s Next”
20141208 Rick Phelps To see another Christmas
20141208 Truthful Kindness Blog: 2014 Leadership DM
20141207 Janet Neal Keep people … or let them go
20141207 Laurie Scherrer “I am 56 & I have dementia”
20141207 Barry Pankhurst “Yuletide Lament”
20141207 George Rook DAA Conference
20141207 PWD Perspective NL Ready but reduced readership
20141206 Greg O’Brien Upcoming event “Battle Against Time”
20141206 Terri Gadal Christmas Cactus
20141205 David Kramer Frustration
20141205 Paul Hitchmough Video: “I will say I’m the Same Man”
20141205 Greg O’Brien 30min radio KCRW
20141205 Kate Swaffer Kiama article w/ABC
20141205 Robert Bowles video 30min Intrvw Conv in Care
20141204 PWD Perspective Chng/Covrg Speech Gener Devices
20141204 Harry Urban Blog: “What are YOU doing?”
20141204 Karen Francis Filming location
20141204 Susan Suchan TV Intrvw Link re Speech Device
20141204 Laurie Scherrer Blog: How Dementia Feels
20141204 LaVerne Belles Craft: Let it Snow
20141204 Susan Suchan Expect TV intrvw re Speech Device
20141203 TLK personal CMD note2GRB
20141203 Dementia Alliance International Submit Comments to CMS
20141203 Ian G Kate’s Blog Share: Day for a Laugh
20141203 Norm Mac Frantic to get it all done NOW
20141202 Norm Mac Update/ Lectures & Conferences
20141202 Greg O’Brien Blog: Delivering Difficult News
20141202 Dementia Alliance International Fundraiser to Attend ADI2015
20141202 Gord Settle Morning Light
20141202 Terri Gadal Welcome Terri Gadal
20141202 Lois Bennett Holiday Tales Anthology
20141201 Truthful Kindness Blog: “Quotes Nov 2014”
20141201 Truthful Kindness Response to Lyrics
20141201 Robert Bowles Making a Difference
20141201 Harry Urban Family Feud
20141201 Janet Neal Prayers

* Admin issues: SHARE dementia awareness thru buttons below. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments, but please filter your comments with truthful loving kindness to all concerned. If interested in receiving notice of future blog postings, subscriptions are available through a “follow” button in the upper left corner (MS Explorer) or lower right (Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome). If there is an advertisement below, I have no control over what is shown.


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