PWD Index Mo 2015-05 (May)

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Link Index for this month’s Newsletter,  gathering April & May 2015 material from over 60 different persons, with a total of over 70 different links, published Wednesday, June 3, 2015.  Missed April links due to other focus during that month.

Below is the index for May entries in the newly re-titled “Symptom Perspectives” newsletter.  Since there has recently been hot debate about who has the right to call themselves “PWD” (Persons With Dementia); in what level of diagnosis is necessary to wear this label, and how often patient must be re-examined in order to retain the label  — and ALSO Medical vocabulary changes — I am beginning to eliminate the “PWD” label from by own vocabulary.  So now newsletter title reads

“Symptom Perspectives”;
See life “Thru the Looking Glass” of our dementia SYMPTOMS. Apply resource of lived experiences, & watch your own PWD relationships blossom as result.
Includes projects from Dementia & MCI patients.

Hoping these changes of terminology will minimize misunderstandings and maximize participation.

Story Agnes Houston Battle to be Dementia Friendly
Proj Agnes Houston Proj/AudioDiary: I’m Frightened
Story Alexandra Boothby Awareness Month
Proj Amy Shives Speech 2015 Alz forum
Proj Anne MacDonald Proj/audioDiary: Self-Managing = ?
Story Barry Pankhurst New Bakery Book Intro
Proj Bob O’Donnell Proj: audio/vid blog
Story Brian LeBlanc Day in the Life
Proj Brian LeBlanc Proj: Alzheimers Poem
Proj Cate Lau Proj/intrvw: Before It’s Too Late
Proj Cecil Ristow Proj: PCA Presentation
Proj Charee Deems Tillotson Proj/vid: This is My Voice
Proj Chris Forse Proj/audioDiary: Tibbs
Proj Chris Graham Proj/funding: Endurance Challenge
Proj Chris Norris Proj/audioDiary: Pos Reinforcement
Story Chris Roberts Making Memories
Proj Chris Roberts Proj/ vid intrvw: Traveling
Proj Christine Bryden Proj/intrvw: Young Dementia
Proj Christine Bryden Before I Forget
Proj Christopher Devas Proj/intrvw: Month in Life
Story Cindy Stolz-Odell Feeling Useless
Story Daryl Lees Solar Eclipse
Story David Hilfiker A Name to be Real
Story David Kramer Excerpts from FaceBook
Proj David Kramer Proj/intrvw: Becoming a Volunteer
Story Gary Bricker My Story with Alz
Story George Rook My Poor Family
Story Gill HS Green First Week in New Home
Proj Gina Shaw Proj/audioDiary: Waking Early
Proj Greg O’Brien Proj/intrvw: Hallucinations
Story Harry Urban Blog Excerpts from May
Story Helga Rohra News Update
Proj Helga Rohra Proj/Speech: ADI 2015 Conference
Story Janet Pitts Geneva Conference
Story Jennifer Bute When Living Alone
Proj Jo Bennett Proj/audioDiary: Hate this Disease
Story Joe Potocny In Memory Of
Story John Quinn Slow is the New Fast
Proj Karen Francis Proj/Success Stories
Proj Kathleen Anduze Proj/Success Stories
Story Keith E. Oliver Leaving Work
Story Ken Clasper Recognition for MCI
Story Ken Howard Ken’s Story
Proj Kevin E. Smiley Proj/re-purposing: Aviary
Story Kevin E. Smiley Excerpts from FaceBook
Story Kris Bakowski Another Year
Proj Lauren U Proj/intrvw: Hospitals & Dementia
Story Laurie Scherrer Trip Turmoil Tip 1
Proj Laurie Scherrer Proj/intrvw: Education Children
Story Mary Read God Blessed Me
Proj Max McCormick Proj/Garden: Fairy Garden
Story Melanie Wagner Day as a PWD
Proj Melvyn Brooks Proj/audioDiary: Only Way
Story Mick Carmody My Day of Whinges
Story Norman Mc Namara Living with Dementia
Proj Norman Mc Namara Proj/intrvw: Bldg Better Bridges
Story Paul Hitchmough AudioDiary: To Write Music
Proj Paul Hitchmough Proj/Music: The Same Man
Proj Paulan Gordon Proj/intrvw: Un-censored Voice
Story Rick Phelps Bad Days
Story Robert Bowles Astounding Lewy
Proj Robert Bowles Proj/intrvw: Lewy Body Dementia
Story Robert Wright It’s Been a While
Story Roxanne Varey Midnight Maid
Story Russell Scott I Am Not the Same
Proj Sandy Halperin Proj/intrvw: Change Lives
Story Silverfox Colonoscopy
Proj Steve Ponath Proj/intrvw: Aware, Friendly & Hlth
Proj Susan Suchan Proj/Success Stories
Proj Teresa Webb Proj/film: This is My Voice
Proj Tommy Dunne Proj/intrvw: Dem-Friendly Checkout
Story Tommy Dunne People We Never See
Story Truthful Kindness Letter of Thanks
Proj Truthful Kindness Proj/Speech: ADI 2015 Conference
Story Valerie Blumenthal Fearless
Story Wendy7713 Noise vs Silence
Story Wendy Mitchell Getting Diagnoses & Connected


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