PWD Index Mo 2015-06 (Jun)

This month will start with “B” for given names in alphabet. 

Link Index for this month’s Newsletter,  gathering June 2015 material from over 60 different persons, with a total of over 70 different links, published Friday, July 3, 2015. 

Below is the index for June entries in the newly re-titled “Symptom Perspectives” newsletter.  Since there has recently been hot debate about who has the right to call themselves “PWD” (Persons With Dementia); in what level of diagnosis is necessary to wear this label, and how often patient must be re-examined in order to retain the label  — and ALSO Medical vocabulary changes — I am beginning to eliminate the “PWD” label from by own vocabulary.  So now newsletter title reads

“Symptom Perspectives”;
See life “Thru the Looking Glass” of our dementia SYMPTOMS. Apply resource of lived experiences, & watch your own PWD relationships blossom as result.
Includes projects from Dementia & MCI patients.

Hoping these changes of terminology will minimize misunderstandings and maximize participation.

Index PWD Index NewsLetter
story Agnes Houston Networking
story Alan Bellchambers They Don’t want to Know
story Anne MacDonald Exhausted
story Barry Pankhurst PWD as Caregiver
project Barry Pankhurst Proj/Vid: Dx/EOD & motivations
story Bob O’Donnell Jun 7 Update
story Brian LeBlanc Long Term Memory
project Brian LeBlanc Proj/intrvw: TV/ Today
story Cecil Ristow Where Does it Go
story Charles James Jaggers Dx and Daily Living
story Chris Forse Our Come-&-Go Café
story Chris Roberts Making Memories
story Christine Bryden 20yrs since Dx
project Christine Bryden Proj/speech: Dancing w Dementia’
story Cindy Stolz-Odell Dazed & Discombolulated
story Cynthia Guzman Chicken Soup excerpt
story Daryl Lees Dementia Update
story David Hilfiker Fate Worse than Death
story David Kramer FAQ Making Dx Part 1
story Donnalynn Morin A New Day of Wonder
story George Rook Two Things at Once
story Gill HS Green Showing Pain
story Gina Shaw Sundowning or ??
project Gord Settle Proj/art/photos: Trip South
story Greg O’Brien Speakg from Heart
project Greg O’Brien Proj/intrvw: Summer Solstice
story Harry Urban Misrepresenting
project Harry Urban Proj/craft: Treasure Boxes
story Helga Rohra Bozen/ Italien
project Howard Glick Proj/intrvw: Alz Speaks
project Irwin Rosenstein Proj/intrvw: Swinging
story James Tomlinson Learning Music
story Jean Lyon Give it a Try
story Jennifer Bute Doctor’s Dementia
story Jo Bennett Keep Active
story Joe Potocny Of Late
story John Quinn Busy vs Rest
story John Williams Changed My Style
story Karen Francis Sunday Funday
story Kathy Dunning Alternative Word
project Kathy Dunning Proj/Poetry: Mind Game
story Keith E. Oliver Dementiaville
story Ken Clasper Confused
story Kerry P. Kleinbergen Cooking Tips
story Kris Bakowski Walls start to Cave in
story Laurie Scherrer Have to Laugh
story Mary Beth Wighton Gone Fishin
story Melanie Wagner The End
story Melvyn Brooks See the Words
story Mick Carmody You can Change It
story Norman Mc Namara Purple Angel Holidays
project Norman Mc Namara At Memory Café
project Paul Hitchmough Proj/intrvw: Coping w Dementia
project Paul Livadary When Memory Misses Beat
story Paulan Gordon “Still Alice”
project Peter Rees Jones Proj/choir: Vocal Flourish
story Phillip Watmough On The Edge
story Rick Phelps Still No Answers
story Robert Bowles My Inner Peace
project Robert Bowles Proj/intrvw:Dem Chats
story Russell Scott What Next
story Sala Mar (Sally) New Page
project Sam Mayo Proj/band: Fifth Dementia
project Sarah Brady Proj/Vid: Fight to Remember
story Silverfox ShowTime
project Terry Pratchett Proj/Bk: Shaking Hands
story Tim Kaufman More than my Dx
story Tommy Dunne Decisions Taken Away
story Truthful Kindness Am I Still Me
story Wendy7713 Dementiaville
project Zel Caddey Proj/Art/painting
index PWD Blog & Webpage Links

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