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This month’s rotation will start with “C” for given names in alphabet (so end with “B”). 

Link Index for this month’s Newsletter,  gathering primarily July 2015 material from 76 different persons, with a total of 88 different links published Friday, August 7, 2015.  An additional 21 links have also been categorized here (but not included in NewsLetter) for a total of 109 links listed and categorized below.

Below is the index for July entries in the re-titled dementia “Symptom Perspectives” newsletter.  Since there has recently been hot debate about who has the right to call themselves “PWD” (Persons With Dementia); in what level of diagnosis is necessary to wear this label, and how often patient must be re-examined in order to retain the label  — (and ALSO Medical vocabulary changes in USA) — I am beginning to minimize the “PWD” label from my own vocabulary.  So now newsletter title reads

“Symptom Perspectives”;
See life “Thru the Looking Glass” of our dementia SYMPTOMS. Apply resource of lived experiences, & watch your own PWD relationships blossom as result.
Includes projects from persons with diagnosis of “Dementia” in various types … & includes MCI patients.

Hoping these changes of terminology will minimize misunderstandings and maximize participation.

I would like to thank each person sharing their personal life.  My hope is that these words and projects can become valuable resources for change in relationships, treatment, and policies.

This index is available as pdf at Index Perspectives 20150807


index Perspectives
stigma, terms 18-Mar vid Agnes Houston Proj/vid: Power of Words
cooking, fear, living alone, living @home 16-Jul story Agnes Houston Losing Ability to Cook
SocProbs, travel 15-Jul categ Agnes Houston When Crossing the Road
Soc Probs 16-Jul categ Agnes Houston Professionals who Want to Help
Speclst 01-Jul story Alan Bellchambers Dr’s Srgry
Rx, hope 13-Jul story Alexandra Boothby  Hope Hope Hope
stigma, Dx, symptms, ID, advocacy, $, 04-Jun vid Amy Shives Proj/intrvw: ’15 Alz Assoc
ID 17-Jun story Anne MacDonald You’re Still Anne
fatigue, 16-Jul story Archie Latta More Fatigued
spiritual, peace 27-Jul project Barry Pankhurst Proj/Poetry: Spirituality
driving, travl, symptms, 08-Jul vid Barry Pankhurst vid: Car Passenger
symptms, emot 28-Jun categ Barry Pankhurst 13 Mood Swings
ID, physcl symptms 10-Jul categ Barry Pankhurst Self-Analysis
emot, holiday 16-Jul categ Barry Pankhurst Anxious Time
Dx, prspectiv 15-Jul vid Brian LeBlanc Proj/intrvw: Today Show
cure, Rx, SocProbs, $ 21-Jul story Brian LeBlanc Is it Just about the Money
cookg, driving, symptms, lost, tech 04-Jul categ Brian LeBlanc Saved by Siri
balance, symptms, exercs, Dx, relat, activities 21-Jul vid Charles James Jaggers Proj/intrvw: Balance & Mixd D
confidence, communic, wrds, script 13-Jul story Chris Forse My Mind Wanders
prspectv, activities 09-Jun story Chris Norris Doesn’t Have Me
Dx, Rx, Symptms, Relat, Resrch 25-Jul vid Chris Roberts Proj/intrvw: BBC vid
poetry, CareHm, emot, 09-Jul story Chris Roberts In Care Home
psyc, speclst, relat, commun 01-Jul story Cindy Stolz-Odell Signs Signs Everywhere
media, symptms, Dx, humor 04-Mar project Cynthia A. Guzman Proj/intrvw: Consultnt4 Julianne Moore
lit, emot, relat, perspectives 06-Jul story David Hilfiker Flowers 4 Algernon
prspectv, sup systm 19-May project David Kramer Proj/intrvw: Defyg Stereotypes
Dx, emot, socProbs, career 19-Jul story David Kramer Diagnosis 2
art 3-Jul project Debbie Lawhorn Proj/Paintg: Forget-me-nots?
Symptms, hope, Spiritual, relat, co-diseases 12-Jul story Donnalynn Morin Another Day
music 18-May vid Garry George Wilkes Proj/Ballet Overture
art 19-Jul vid Gene Suchma Proj/art: Retirementia
commun, wrds, art 15-Jul project George Huba PhD Proj/Mind-Map: Commun
Dx, art, planng, commun 18-Jun story George Huba PhD When You Wake
Dx, Symptms, terms, stereotype 03-Jul story George Rook Think Ive Got Dementia?
travl, symptms, commun, soc, 23-Jul categ George Rook A Yr from Now
travl, planng, safety, disorientatn 12-Jul story Gill HS Green LIttle Things Exposed
grief, Rx, relat 04-Jul categ Gill HS Green Witnessing Release
Dx, activities 6-May vid Gina Shaw Proj/intrvw: Story
media, exercs, hlth 30-Jul story Gina Shaw More healthy??
SocProbs, facilities 15-Jul categ Gina Shaw Where People Care
id, symptms 02-Feb project Greg O’Brien Proj/intrvw: Self-Analysis
emot, sensory symptms, eatg, relat 25-Jul story Greg O’Brien Remember to Laugh
$, memories 18-Jul categ Greg O’Brien Losing Home
advocacy, mission,  challenges, motives 17-Jul project Harry Urban Proj/Dementia StoryTellers
relat, commun, craft, emot, fam 02-Jul story Harry Urban July Part 1
stigma, advocate 24-Jun project Helga Rohra Proj/inrvw: Standup Speak up
Dx, $, SocProbs, symptms, craft ?? story Ian Thomas Ian’s Story
funerls, fam, laughtr, music 31-Jul story James Tomlinson 2Live a bit Longer
schedulg, tech, symptms 23-Jul vid Jennifer Bute VIP Dates (vid)
music 12-Jul project Jim Pfefferkorn Proj: Musical Memories
confusion, dressing 30-Jun story Jo Bennett So Muddled
advocacy, civil disobed, $, SocProbs 28-Jul story Joe Potocny Richard Taylor Goodbye
terms, Dx, symptms, perspectv 21-Jul story John Quinn Our Reasons
energy cost of advocacy, media, exercs, 08-Jul categ John Quinn Resting Up
exercs, gettg lost, paintg 20-Jul story John Williams Art Keeps me Going
Dx, career, fundraisg, advocatg, 15-Jul vid Kathleen Anduze vid:Lickin LBD & Dx
poetry, emot 26-Jun n/a Kathy Dunning Proj/Poetry
stigma, appearance, relat 04-Jun project Kathy Ryan Proj/intrvw: Pain of Stigma
emot depressn, relat interdependnt 09-Jul project Keith Oliver Proj/intrvw: BBC Radio You & Yours
Dx, symptms, coping 27-Apr vid Keith Oliver Vid: Dementia Trng
media, Dx, speclist, resrch, infectn 17-Jun categ Keith Oliver Dementia Breakthru
symptms, prspectiv, relat 18-Jul project Kelli McGowan Proj/intrvw: Dancing w/ D
hobby, art, 12-Jul project Ken Clasper Proj/Hobbies
Dx, symptms, terms, travl 27-Jul story Ken Clasper Daily Problems w/MCI
Dx, speclst,emot, 17-Jul categ Ken Clasper Politics & Med
music 13-Apr project Ken Payne Proj/intrvw: bid4 Talent Show
writing, symptms 06-Jul story Kris Bakowski Atlanta Magazine
Dx, expectatns, conflict, music, symptms, $, commun 28-Jul project Laurie Scherrer Proj/intrvw/radio: Alz Speaks
planng, routine as tool 02-Mar story Laurie Scherrer Mix up my routine = Mix up Me
stigma 05-Jul project Linda Pendergrass Proj/poety: The Dementia
music 03-Dec vid Marty Everest Proj/music: Giving Voice Chorus
behavrl chng, destructiv outbursts, relat, care-partnrs 24-Jul story Mary Beth Wighton Breaking the Law
stigma, visibility, truth, symptms 02-Jul categ Mary Beth Wighton Why do you Not Believe?
memory café 12-Jul project Mary Howard Proj/intrvw: Rnd Table re Mem Café
arts, therapy, symptms, ID, gardeng 28-Jul project Max McCormick Proj/arts: “Creativity”
Dx, speclst, emot, symptms 15-Jul story Melanie Wagner Remember Me
token PWD, lack of undrst by team, travel 24-Jul story Melvyn Brooks On The Committee
SocProbs, lack of undrst in med office, schedulg 17-Jul categ Melvyn Brooks going 2get Worse
SocProbs, advocacy, politics, stigma, wrds 27-Jul story Michael Ellenbogen Speech at NAPA
loss, frustr 07-Jul story Mick Carmody 99% Imagination
hlth 19-Jul vid Myrna Norman Proj/intrvw: Rnd Table
halluc, symptms, travl, emot 10-Jul story Norman Mc Namara Another Time
emot, halluc, symptms 22-Jul categ Norman Mc Namara Neither Here nor There
exercs, strange 17-Mar story Pat McGonigal Strange Filmed Swimming
SocProbs, funding, travel 24-Jul story Paul Hitchmough Not as Bad in Liverpool
biography, cookg, attitud, lit 09-Jun project Paula Wolfert Proj/Bk:Biographical CookBook Kickstarter
Dx, symptms 09-Nov vid Paulan Gordon vid: Vascular Dementia
Symptms, commun, driving 05-Mar n/a Peter Van Spyk Proj/intrvw:Alz Soc
relat, stability, symptms, emot 25-Feb story Phillip Watmough She is just Magic
arts, indiv care 30-Oct story Richard Taylor Goes2 Washington
emot, challenges 31-Oct project Rick Phelps Proj/intrvw: Anothr Wrld (w/Harry Urban)
emot, symptms, hypersensitizd, confusn 02-Jul story Rick Phelps Dementia Fog
emerg, end-of-life, DNR 15-Jul categ Rick Phelps DNR & Emergencies
Dx, symptms, 14-Jul vid Robert Bowles Proj/vid/intrvw: Diagnosis
spiritual, symptms, stigma 04-Jul story Robert Bowles Faith & Purpose
memry, emot, plans 16-Jul story Russell Scott Making Memories
media, advocacy 11-Jul project Sandy Oltz Proj/intrvw: adviser
halluc, dreams, recogn, emot 01-Jul story Silverfox Who are YOU ?
sex, symptms, relat 19-Jul categ Silverfox Open Bold Post
Dx/PPA, symptms 06-Jun vid Susan Suchan Vid: Primary Progressiv Aphasia (PPA)
advocacy, Dx, relat, purpos, cure $ 07-Apr story Terry Berry Why it Matters
Dx, symptms, advocacy 6-May vid Tommy Dunne Proj/vid: Tommy’s Story
media, cure 30-Jul story Tommy Dunne Put Up or Shut Up
stigma, lang, wrds, symptms 07-Jul project Truthful Kindness Proj/List4DAA: Feeliing Left-Out
time, energy, symptms, hygiene 20-Jul story Truthful Kindness Time Energy Consumption
hist, fam, prspectiv 23-Jun categ Truthful Kindness Impact/ D Examples
career, lit 13-Jul project Valerie Blumenthal Proj/Writing Workshops
loss, frustr 26-Jul project Vicki Atkinson Proj/Poem: I Miss Life
advocacy, media, prspectiv, Dx, soc, hlth 27-Jul project Wendy 7713 Proj/intrvw/The Press
symptms, sensory challenges 09-Jul story Wendy 7713 Sensory Challenges
index PWD Blog & Webpage Links

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