My Craft Project this Week

My main project was to crochet a collar and set of cuffs for Autumn/Winter.

Arts ‘n Crafts with Dementia Symptoms – Cooking Tips

Tru here.  Example of my cooking prowess from day before yesterday: tried to cook a super simple recipe so what could go wrong?  Cut finger (rather severely because picked up shears that cut bone) from tremors & poor estimate of finger placement when opening mix packet.  Meanwhile knocked liquid to floor and made mess that was […]

Crafts I Personally Use for Dementia Symptoms

Tru here.  ((Updated 2018 Mar 3))  Remember that any Links are not behind pictures, but in the colored text. Definition of craft (kr ft) n. 1. Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency.  As my introduction prefaced at  >> I feel most “alive” when I am creating something, so these are […]