DRT for Communication: Erase / Re-Write Problems

SUMMARY:  Erase/re-write skills are malfunctioning, so I am poor at task-transition.  Suggest pre-planning with steps involved.  While project is on-going, whenever a change in task or physical location is going to take place, verbally state “Now (my name) we are going to change task/location …” … then pause before instructions for next step. …       ***       …       ***       …       ***       … DETAIL […]

Importance of Communication with PWD

Be willing to invest NOW in learning communication skills for the later stages, so that you can more easily discern the language spoken in the “fading” communications of late-stage dementia … because relationships are what make life worth living.

How I Recognize Myself and Others

Biggest cues for me in recognizing sight of self and loved ones are hair length, hair color, and hair style. … But my most reliable recognition for both spouse and loved ones is not sight; it is sound, and smell. … But even when I no longer recognize loved ones … please do not pull away from time spent together. Relationships are what make life worth living.