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Now have results for Y-dna on FREY side.  Y-dna tracks only father > father’s father > grandFather’s father > great-grandFather’s father > great-great-grandFather’s father … etc.  So in this case (unless there was a marital “surprise”) it only tracks the FREY element of our family tree.

Sooo … (01) Spencer Lewis Frey (1915-1978) << (02) Lewis Henry Frey (1890-1920) << (03) Henry W. Frey (1846-1912) << (04) David E. Frey (1822-1895) … and much further back.

FREY Paternal haplogroup is I-M223

Y-dna Ancestral Origins show probable source of our Frey ancestors as Germany, and going deeper into the dna markers (more generations away) probable root in Switzerland.  This is what I expected to see, given past autosomnal cousin matches with Frey surname.

We have two Frey matches for the Y-dna … and one match with a different surname (adopted or ???).  Have now entered the Y-dna results in the FREY surname project, but it could be quite a while before it is added to appropriate grouping.  >> https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/frey/dna-results .

Attached here >> FREY Line 20181218 << is pdf of known FREY line.
This pdf will need to be removed when memory allotment on my blogspace gets low.

Now in contact with one of the Frey relatives  ((big smile)).


Update 12Jan2019: FTdna predicts 90% chance Closest Common Ancestor for DannyFrey & LeeFry (closest Y-dna Cuz) is ~5th generation (which would be father to David E Frey).  Lee Fry’s 5th generation is Andreas Frey 1776-1847 (whom I will call “Andy”).  Andy is correct age to be father to Danny Frey’s 4th generation, (David E Frey).  Ancestry dna shows 57cM shared dna withanother dna cuzin, “A.B.” who also has Andy as ancestor.  Maybe it was another brother instead of Andy, but checked the only brother that we know lived to puberty, Samuel.  All Samuel’s children on 1830census are accounted for.  Andy’s eldest brother John Henry died as infant.  No info avail for brothers Peter, Ludwig, Jn-Geo, Jacob, or Christoph.  So possibly one of those siblings was father to David E Frey.  I lean toward Andy as father to David E Frey because David E Frey named son Henry W Frey (possibly after his older bro Wlm Henry; yes Andy already had son named David, and maybe that is why our David always includes his middle initial in all documents).  But can state that almost certainly whoever AndreasFrey’s ancestors are, they are OUR direct ancestors.

Spencer Frey >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/family-history-index/fff04-spencer-frey/

Index for Family History >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/family-history-index/

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