Pain, Fatigue, and Creativity Process

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Today I saw that, after several strokes,
Keith Jarrett is now realizing he will probably never play the piano again.
Must be very VERY difficult for this child prodigy; a man who started composing piano pieces at the ripe age of three years old !!! 

I have never heard the original, but am enjoying Tomasz Trzcinski’s interpretation of Keith Jarrett’s THE KÖLN CONCERT at

“The Köln Concert” — a sonorous, mesmerizing landmark that still stands as one of the best-selling solo piano albums ever made.
It has also been hailed as an object lesson in triumph over adversity, including Mr. Jarrett’s physical pain and exhaustion at the time, and his frustration over an inferior piano.”
– NY Times 21Oct2020.

Like Keith, I know the feeling of challenging my pain and fatigue from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, by intensifying my single-minded involvement in creativity. 

Letting that creativity “take over” all conscious thought was much more effective than any pain pill.
It was a great strategy … for as long as I could stretch that activity. 
Then I would come “down off the “high” … and pay the consequences.

We ALL have the challenge of accepting and grieving our losses of activities and behaviors that we associate with our identity,
… then moving on to focus on the Abilities that we still have on that particular day.

Loss of an activity like that for Keith would be devastating, and
Keith is in my prayers.


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