BnP 2a-04 Tango With Daddy

“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page Part 2a: 04

2a-04:  1970 A Tango With Daddy

Whether as child or adult,
a tango with Dad filled my sense of partnership movement
like smelling a flower fills your sense of smell,
… like petting a rabbit fills your sense of touch.

It is a game with only two players, but …
instead of being opponents you are partners.
The music goes “sneak – sneak – SWOOSH”,
and the movements of two people go “sneak – sneak – swoosh”.

… Two steps of regal carriage
and predictable stately movements to set it up;
“hide around the bush”.
Then you purposely throw yourself slightly off-balance
… and you get SWOOSHED again!

You are a toddler “swooshing” down a short slide,
or a parent is holding your arms and whirling you around
so fast that your feet can’t touch the ground.
You are out of control …
but you get caught and “swooshed”.
Then you giggle and say “do it again Daddy”
while holding your arms out in anticipation.

That is what it was, to tango with my dad,
and I will be forever grateful to my mother
for letting me have so many of those
wonderful moments of melody and movement,
when I know that she herself enjoyed
dancing with him so very much,
and he had limited amounts of “time off”.

When I think of the purpose and goals
that our Maker had in mind for “Shabbat”,
one of my first thoughts is
a tango with my daddy.

Written 2011 Apr 16 about my life ~1970

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