October Week-Ends

Tru here. Bits n Pieces 2b-07.

Week-ends in October during the 1970s, our family could almost always be found outside.


Worst of the fire danger had passed, so
We spent those days with chainsaws, gathering wood, gathering downed branches and briars, and generally cleaning up the acreage.

… and a good work-day was not complete without campFire, hot Dogs, marshmallows, and music.

Sometimes Dad would join with his harmonica … and sometimes with his wonderful bass voice that just purrred.

It was family time, and Family is FAMILY, so generally i participated on the week-ends even after i married — until 1980, when the military years began. 
One week we would do a work-day with my family, and the next week we would do a day with my husband’s family (who lived down the road from my parents).

… exhaustion, but GOOD exhaustion,
with anticipation of fun times at the end of the day.


This song is one of my top favorites for this time of year; Home Free version of “Ring of Fire” with Avi Kaplan at https://youtu.be/0l3dsHCScxU



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