PWD Debbie Lawhorn July 2015

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This is contribution from my friend Debbie Lawhorn during July 2015 .

 Debbie Lawhorn My 2nd watercolor painting finished it tonight · July 3 

 Truthful Kindness Love this. Can we make a blog page so that it can be added into the end-of-month PWD “Perspectives” newsLetter? · July 7 at 1:20pm

 Debbie Lawhorn Yes · July 8 at 10:20am

 Debbie Lawhorn This one went to my daughter … · July 8 at 11:57am

July 26, 2015
616 DebL Pic 20150725b 3in075ppi
This is a painting I completed the other day for my granddaughter, Kara. I’m having lots of enjoyment from this new hobby. I never did anything like this until a couple months ago.

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