PWD Max McCormick July 2015

Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD):  Max McCormick

UPDATE:  Max McCormick’s diagnosis now changed to Functional Neurological Disorder
More info on that Dx >>

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May 2015 Excerpts from my friend  Max McCormick:


Having an identity is an essential part of a satisfying life. When I was able to work, I took a great deal of pride in what I accomplished to become a physician assistant. My career enabled me to help my pediatric patients live healthier lives and I was respected by both my colleagues and patients. Once my dementia symptoms became apparent to me, although I was yet to be diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, I stopped working so that I took no chances of  harming my patients.

When I stopped working there was a terrible sense of loss and I struggled with finding a new identity. Once I received my diagnosis, there was an even greater question of who I really was. My intellect had defined me for so long. Thankfully I had many hobbies and pursuing those helped immensely in establishing a new sense of self. Gradually I began to think of myself as an artist, gardener, and craftsperson. Pursuing a creative life brought meaning, satisfaction, pride, and a sense of accomplishment. My projects were admired by others and I once again felt respected. Creativity brings with it calm, happiness, and fun!

Watercolor painting was something I had dabbled with for many years, but now it has taken on a new meaning for me. As part of my FTD, I began to experience aphasia. Speaking is often a struggle and someday in the future I will be mute. Expressing myself verbally is nearly impossible, but with my painting I am able to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a way that others can understand.

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A few years ago, I discovered an art form called Zentangle. Basically doodling, the “Zen” comes from the meditative state it evokes. It is relaxing and fun, and I have taken to Zentangling to personalize many things.

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My cane is one-of-a-kind.

Recently, a white pair of cheap tennis shoes became a custom work of art.616 MaxMcC Pic 20150728b 3in075ppi


Fairy gardening is a fun and imaginative way to play in my garden. Planning the layout then making it come to life is very satisfying. I always have a new idea for the fairies and love to create accessories for them. This year I worked on a waterfall and stream. Ideas in the works are a lily pad and frog, a firepit, a bridge, a peacock, and a dog. This should keep me busy for awhile!

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Max McCormick’s diagnosis now changed to Functional Neurological Disorder
More info on that Dx >>

Max’ index page for my blog is at >>


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