At One with Spirituality

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July 2015 posted by my friend  Barry Pankhurst:

Barry Pankhurst  July 27 at 5:11pm

“At one with spirituality”

As I sat in the garden… with confusion abound,
I gazed at the sky and God’s beauty around,
Though thoughts within… mused a path to my demise,
A sudden sense of spirituality made my eyes open wide,

The peace, the tranquility, as clouds slowly drifted by,
A gentle breeze of the air… leaves rustled there surprise,
Song thrush did sing… as swallows swooped to earth,
And willow tree branch caressed the moist mossy turf,

My secluded spot… now my inner sanctum of serenity,
Carries me away to a distant Utopia within radiant sun,
A place of harmony… betwixt reality and fantasy,
Where dementia’s not laid its unyielding hand…

Though confusion doth vex, wherein bewilderment reigns,
I trust in my faith… yet many questions still remain,
As the truest mystery in our life… is who we really are…
For the wonders of creation are more complex than the stars,

Now my body doth yearn towards heavenly sleep…
Where souls doth abide… that once did weep,
Thus when my time comes… let me pass to yonder way,
To follow my spiritual pathway, to God’s fair lea…

Barry ©

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