The Dementia

Linda Pendergrass posted on July 5 at 9:16am


Draw the sash-

Lock the door.

They say, I don’t live here anymore…

Who changed the curtains?
Painted over my pale yellow walls?
Let the ivy grow a tangle around the flowers-
Encroaching up through the pathways?

All the endless hours I toiled in this garden,

All my work…
Planting, planning,
The placement of every seed.
The culmination-
A firing plethora of color
Bursting through gray
Branching and spiraling
a cicatrix-
bridging to the crossover-
the crossover…

that was the threshold of my wisdom

where the unlocking of memory took place
lumbering through a foggy maze
surrounded by gaps

searching for a key…

pounding & pounding on the door!
maneuvering around a hideous plaque

I think I understand…
I step over a hole
Shift to the right

I’m locked out…

Going around the hole
veering to the left

I’m locked in…

Linda Pendergrass posted on July 5 at 9:16am;
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