BnP 2b-05: “Sugar” Performance

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“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished pg 2b-052:

2b-05:  1975 Apr “Sugar” Performance:


Text from Gresham Outlook article: The Roaring 20s are back in Corbett this week.

“Sugar”, the musical play which takes place in the ganglands of the 20s, will be performed at Corbett High School Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week at 8pm.

The story unfolds as two musicians, Jerry and Moe, witness a gangland murder.
In order to escape identity, the musicians join an all-girl band talking on new names, Josephine and Daphne. They, of course, must dress the part.

The plot thickens as they meet other characters such as Sugar Kane, Osgood Fielding, Sweet Sue and Bienstock.
Main characters are portrayed by Belinda Petrin (Sugar Kane); Gary Baker (Daphne); Tim Baker (Josephine); Charles Tarpley (Sir Osgood Fielding); Debbie Westmoreland (Sweet Sue); and Jeff Pomante (Bienstock).

The music and art departments at the high school have joined forces for the musical. Barbara Paup, a professional dance instructor from Gresham, has prepared the dance numbers.   The play has been in rehearsal for three months.

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