I am Still Alive !

“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Debbi Haughey,

with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA type of FTD) & Alzheimer’s.

Dealing with grief and spirituality:


2018 Feb 25:

I have been re-examing my thinking.
I have been so wrong.

I have been focusing on my, as my son puts
“toe tag date”
that I have forgotten about the beauty of living.

I was no longer me.

I accepted my impending death and let go of the spirituality that I rejoiced in for my entire life.

I have long believed in the “metaphysical”
that there is so much more in this world that we see with our limited vision.
I have stopped meditating, white lighting, reaching out beyond my physical body.
To let my consciousness flow.

I have been mourning the fact that my beloved brain was dying,
rather than celebrating the fact that I was given a sky-high IQ that allowed me to learn and grow and understand things that surround us. I was able to look through a microscope and see a hidden world that was amazing.

And although I am unable to remember specific terms I still am capable of general understanding. So I am still a die-hard voter, and will still be involved in my dementia community.

I am no longer terminal or dying.

I still know I have a very limited shelf life,
but until I breathe my last breath
I will find the path of
exploring the world around us
like I did before my diagnosis.

I am still alive!!!

I will not question why anyone would want to become close to me knowing that there will be pain when I die.
I will allow people to love me.
I still have time.
And I want to be alive in that time!!!

Wish I was out in the wilderness where I could give a good primal scream!!!


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