Adapt and Find Happiness

From my friend Harry Urban, living with Alzheimer’s diagnosis almost 19 years now.  Here is his battle strategy:
My thoughts on dementia have changed over the years. I fought hard to change how people thought of us living with dementia and how we should be treated.
I tried to lead by example with the message that if I can do it, maybe you should try also.
Now 18 years later I found my peace living with dementia.
The myths and stigmas associated with dementia do not bother me anymore because I know they aren’t true. I fought the hard battle for change and see many of my messages being repeated.
I found you can not win the battle with dementia;
you must adapt and partner with it
knowing that working WITH it and not trying to fight it
will allow you to find the peace I found.
Dementia is a bump in the road to a better life
and only you can make it a bump or a mountain to climb.
My advice is to adapt to your life and find happiness in what you still have. 
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