Symptom of Irritability

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Dealing with Irritability and Anxiety:

2018 Mar 1:

Why in the world would an agency send home makers and health aides into the home of a person with Dementia without them understanding what all that can entail?

I have been alerting my Visiting Nurse that I am becoming more irritable and having more anxiety when I have to interact with people coming into my home.   I have asked my doctor about what to do … tomorrow I am calling my case worker and the Elderly Waiver Program folks to let them know this is completely unfair to the workers and it is complete foolishness.

It’s going beyond what most people would consider reasonable,I believe, and I can not always control it … though I have so far … only had one ask if I was not feeling well because I was quiet and a bit snippy.

It took every ounce not to fly off the handle over a fairly minor set of issues.

But they have no training,
this woman has no clue to back off and give me space, quiet time,
not to share her personal anxieties about her family with me.


I am teetering and have no way of knowing if this is caused by something medical and will resolve itself or if the diseases are progressing. I am trying to monitor myself and this is preposterous!

If I am feeling this way tomorrow I will cancel with her and the poor new hire until next week.

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