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Written by my friend Robert Bowles on 29Jan2015, and shared with his permission.  His website is now closed, so i have no access to original graphic he paired with this entry.  Attached graphic is by ap301805 on PixaBay at .


This day has been one of my most difficult days since I started doing better three months after diagnosis of LBD in June 2012.  Last night, my sleep was constantly interrupted.  As I woke up this morning, I was experiencing a new feeling inside my brain. Over the next six hours of this feeling, I tried to think of ways to express how I felt.  I struggled with this more than any other time a new feeling took place. Finally after six hours, the feeling disappeared; and, I had thought of no way to explain it.

The picture above represents my brain in the skillet and the flames are flowing over the side.  For me, it was like a low grade electrical shock that was relentless and never stopped for those six hours.  It was frustrating, perplexing, endless; and, there did not seem to be anything I could do to get rid of the feeling.  Most times, I can stop what I am doing and just rest in the recliner.  Judy was out of town and I was at home by myself.  I began asking questions.  Why is this happening?  What can I do differently; and, yes, will it ever stop?

As I was about to believe that it would never stop, my wife called and told me she was driving into town.  She told me that she was coming to get me and we would go eat some lunch and run some errands. Doing those things cleared my brain and the horrible feelings disappeared.  

Maybe distraction and disengagement might be a solution if this occurs again. Then I remind myself, with LBD, you can never tell.  The path of LBD is the most unpredictable path that anyone could ever imagine.  In fact, most people will never know just how much a roller coaster ride it is.

I have put a link below to a youtube video done by Dr. Dennis Dickson at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  He is on the Scientific Advisory Board for LBDA.  In this video, he explains LBD.

©2015 Robert Bowles


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GoodEssay dot biz on 08/31/2015 1:02am  Having a lewdy body dementia (LBD) is a challenging situation. I can only imagine what you are going through. I am glad though that you have one of the most caring wife who help you get through LBD. When I become a doctor myself, I will do my best to help LBD sufferers face it with dignity. I am so caught up with my studies right now that I forget at times that there are more to life than the four walls of my classroom.

Paper Writing Link on 12/07/2015 7:43am  You are very strong person.

((Originally posted 2015 January 29 at lbdlivingbeyonddiagnosis))


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