PWD Harry Urban on Spiritual Life in October 2015

Harry is one of my primary mentors, and the prime reason I take the time and energy to write my own blog, and the many hours I spend to share the writing of others.

Below are some excerpts from Harry’s blog on subject of Spiritual Life during October 2015:

October 3, 2015

I have it bad and there is no cure for me. I am a Christmas junkie.

I spent the day in my shop turning Christmas ornaments and please forgive me, I was listening to Kenny G Christmas music. I was on a high that should be outlawed and I have no guilt. I am shameless.

Now before you start yelling, I fully understand the true meaning of Christmas and

my faith plays a big role in keeping me alive.

It is not to early and I want to feel the joys before it becomes to late. I don’t like the commercialism of the Holidays and the rushing around to be ready for that one day but when I look at a Christmas star the warmest of feelings come over me.

I truly enjoy giving away the things I made and didn’t have to rush to do them.
I talked to my doctor about this addiction and he smile and said, I am so glad for you.
I guess it is not a serious medical problem but one I am fortunate to have.

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October 9, 2015

I get so mad at myself when I start to feel sorry for myself and have a pity me party. When I am in this mood, I am always led to a person that has it much worst then I could ever imagine and get slapped in the face with reality. It keeps me humble and I realize that my problems could be so much worse.

My faith has a way of keeping me on track and doing the work I was asked to do.
I don’t kid myself, I will lose this battle but so will everyone else living
with or without a diagnosis of dementia.

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October 18, 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow is a World without Dementia
and I am planning on living there.
Someday I will be there but not until I complete what is expected of me in this life.
We made progress in raising dementia awareness but so much more needs to be done,

Now that we caught everyone’s attention
we now need to find ways to live a better life during our journey.
Being dementia friendly is a start
but doesn’t help with the financial burden that dementia puts on us.
We haven’t begun to understand the sadness that is caused by dementia
or begun programs to help people deal with the loss of their loved ones
even though they are still alive.

Death is not the only reason why we are separated from our loved ones,
the mental disconnect can be sometimes worse.
The emptiness we feel can last a lifetime.
I don’t stop to read about a miracle cure that is on the horizon,
I want to read about a better quality of life for those living with dementia.

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September 13, 2015

When I asked, “Why me Lord” I was answered because you are strong enough to speak out for those that can’t. … I knew what I was being asked to do.

That was 11 years ago and I knew I had to be trained in living with dementia and being diagnose with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type would be my teacher.

I spent time in the pits of my disease and learned how to climb out. I cried with frustrations on losing my identity and feeling the pain that goes with my disease. I graduated and was rewarded with the knowledge on how to enjoy the remaining portion of my life and live with my Alzheimer’s.

I never got time off for good behavior and to this day, I am constantly reminded that my diagnoses was correct. I also have the need to help others and show them what I have learned. Even with the hardships and frustrations of living with Alzheimer’s I am able to enjoy my life and say, “Thank You Lord”.

I’m going to sit right down and write myself a letter. In this letter I will write why I want to continue fighting my Alzheimer’s and what I need to do to stay out of the shadows of dementia. I will list the things that I refuse to let Alzheimer’s steal from me and what is keeping me alive. I will tell about the joys I have in life and remind myself that there is life after my diagnosis.

My letter will be kept where I can read it everyday and remind myself never to give up.  — Harry Urban on Sept 13, 2015

616 Footprints 4in075ppi

((Most readers are familiar with light prose of “Footprints in the Sand”, copyright 1984 by Mary Stevenson from her original document of 1936; link for text and copyright info available at link bottom of page.))

September 28, 2015

Foot prints in the sand is a constant reminder to me that I am never alone. Your belief or non-belief is out of my hands and I will not discuss it because these are my thoughts and yours belong to you.

Living with dementia you can’t help but think of your mortality and when that final chapter will be written.

Knowing that unconditionally I am never walking alone makes my journey that much easier and keeps me out of the shadows of dementia. I wasn’t always this secure but as the years go by, I don’t think anymore what lies ahead because I am never alone.

Above are excerpts with his permission, from Harry’s blog at

Footprints text and other info available at website

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