Written vs Spoken communication



My friend Scott Drevs’ suggested response to questions of
“How come you say you can’t follow us when we talk, but you know what a brain scan or your other tests do?” or
“How come you say you have dementia, but you can post on FaceBook?” 
((remembering that each person with dementia has varying abilities with written or audio communication, depending on how their particular symptoms “hit”.))  

Scott Drevs’ reply:

“… because verbal communication is much harder. But even written communication is hard.
Facebook is usually short or small amounts of information.
We can “look back”.

They don’t understand that we can “comment” on posts, but usually don’t remember … later.

… verbal is so hard ((because)) we can’t look back to see what the subject was.

We don’t “store” the information in our memory in the order we received it.

its like reading part of page 1 then part of page 5 then page 3 ect….. eventually we loose even that.

And actually Even conversations about a brain scan or tests i take aren’t accurate.
Linda has told me that I usually only hear the positive information and get that wrong. She calls it selective listening. Lol
In my mind I only hear the good,and sometimes change bad info into positive.

People don’t understand and aren’t patient.

They think logically
and nothing about Dementia is logical.

It took me more than an hour to write this post. And had to edit it several times. Just saying .

— Scott Drevs on 13Jun2021.


Scott’s index for other pages is at >> https://truthfulkindness.com/index-persons-with-dementia-pwd/scott-drevs/ .

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