Animals and Dementia Symptoms Part3

This is last installment of answer to those who have asked about Service Dog issues. Includes benefits of certification, revised definition of “Service Animal” per Dept of Justice 2010, links from Joan Froling, Blessing’s Service Dog vocabulary at 2.5 years old and partial text from a speech that I gave about Value of Service Animal 2005, Aug 10.

Animals and Dementia Symptoms Part1

Includes prose about my animals. … But at the same time I am forgetting their basic care. In the past couple months, more than half the time I forget to put the chickens back into their safe (very large) chicken House at dark. I have no idea whether Blessing (my retired Service Dog) is in the house or outside. Has she eaten? That is no huge surprise since I have no idea whether I myself have eaten!! I cannot be responsible for animals any more than I can be responsible for myself. Someone other than me must be the responsible party now.