Family Tree Revision

Tru here.

This is 2nd week of Two weeks off at Dementia Mentors.  been working on cleaning each ancestor profile, making sure there is a section for “Documentation of Parents” completed for each profile, and at least one documented Link between each fact and its source, for each Ancestry profile (birth, marriage, death, occupation, etc). i have Finished 20 profiles … out of 1520 direct ancestors.  Only 1,500 left to go, LOL !

Over 9,400 persons in tree, but that includes siblings and strings to dna cousins.  I am not trying to “clean” EVERY profile — just profiles of each direct ancestor.

Hope to get the profiles organized and post on WikiTree, where no memberships or subscriptions are required.  … but a lot of work to do first.

.Family History index at .


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