BnP 1-05 Julie and Bindy

“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page 05:

1960a Lo

Julie is so changeable;
One minute she’s expressing happiness
unbound and overflowing.

The next she is using expletives I’ve never heard,
and so mad she can’t contain it.
What she feels, she feels intensely.
What she says, she says with vivacious enthusiasm.

… But she will always be on my side,
against any thing or anyone.
I can depend on her.
That is, I can depend on the fact that
she will feel herself on my “side”.

what she’ll do from that position is anyone’s guess.
If it’s possible,
I’ll probably end up getting into trouble from it!

Her grin is infectious,
but often, around others,
her expressions are self-conscious.
I remember tho; they didn’t used to be.

I think of her as uninhibited and free,
as she used to be,
when she was here,
with me.

… almost a part of me,
… and me a part of her.
— Bindy

bnp 1960b Lo

Written 1989; We were 2yo in these Photos at Shelly’s first birthday 1960.
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