William Morgan Captured !!! during French/Indian War

260 years ago, William Morgan was captured by the French during the French and Indian War (1756-1763).


I think we have several ancestors whose primary contribution to various war efforts was simply minimizing supplies available to the enemy,
and one of those was my 6th Great-Grand-father, Captain William Morgan,
during the French and Indian War (1756-1763).

“After constant fighting over who had control over the Ohio Valley and much more,
the Virginia government saw that something must be done to take down French forces hiding out in the woods.”  and
“Many Indian tribes became involved.
The main tribes at this time were the Shawnee, Sandusky Seneca, Wea, and Kickapoo on the French side.
The Cherokee, Seneca, Mohawk, Montauk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, Creek, Chickasaw, and Tuscarora were fighting with the American-British forces.”
>> https://www.revolutionary-war.net/french-and-indian-war.html


an armed ship owned and officered by private individuals
holding a government commission and authorized for use in war,
especially in the capture of enemy merchant shipping.

According to blog at http://www.marinersmuseum.com,

“A Privateer is any individual granted license by their government
to attack shipping belonging to an enemy government,
usually during a war.

Privateers are like private contractors:
They receive a Letter of Marque from their nation’s Admiralty,
which grants them permission to raid enemy ships and keep a percentage of the spoils
– so long as they pay a cut of that bounty back to the government.
The bearer of the Letter of Marque would then go about hiring his or her own crew and ship
at their own expense.
A Privateer is operating legally, so long as they have the Letter of Marque.”
>> https://blog.marinersmuseum.org/2012/09/the-difference-between-pirates-privateers-and-buccaneers-pt-1/ .

((also a pictorial concept of Sir Henry Morgan 1635-1688, Welshman, “viewed as a Pirate by the Spanish and a Privateer by the English, … either way, he also qualifies as a Buccaneer”, is included in part 2 of the article >> https://blog.marinersmuseum.org/2012/10/the-difference-between-pirates-privateers-and-buccaneers-pt-2/ .  And another picture is at >> http://www.thewayofthepirates.com/famous-buccaneers/henry-morgan/ .  This Henry Morgan may or may not be related, because hard data is simply not available)).  Our immigrating Morgan ancestor, Robert Morgan (approx 1601-1672) is THEORIZED to have been born in Wales, but … ??


According to “A History of the Family of Morgan from 1089 to present Times” (published 1902 and updated 2007), William Morgan married Abigail Elliott on 14Jul1753.  She was daughter of Benjamin Elliot and Abigail Graves.  William Morgan was captain of the privateer (ship) “Swallow” which was captured in July 1761 by French cruiser.

Captured July 1761; so William Morgan was captured by the French during the French and Indian War (1756-1763).


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) lists William Morgan (wife of Abigail Eliott, and father to Susannah Morgan 1753-1798 who married John Dodge) with the following data “served as a gunner in the seacoast defense from Beverly Massachusetts”.  NSDAR: Volume 118:1915, page 116 entry 117370.  … and again on page 34 entry 101107, of NSDAR: Volume 102:1913, it shows him “served as gunner 1777, in Lieut. Joseph Wood’s company for sea-coast defense from Beverly Mass.”


A generation later, William Morgan’s son William Morgan Jr, was also a Privateer … this time during the Revolutionary War, and attacking British ships.

There is conflict over when Robert Morgan, our immigrating Morgan ancestor, arrived to America;
could be on the “Fortune” in 1621, (the first ship to land at Plymouth after the Mayflower) … or on the “Mary” in 1636.
>> https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Morgan-213 .
His wife Abigail’s known ancestors arrived 1633 and 1635.


Captain William Morgan (id# SMM fss-SMM.caaa!09) lived 1731-1824
6th great-grandfather
William Morgan Jr 1762-?
Son of Cpt William Morgan
Bethia Morgan 1799-1842
Daughter of William SMM Morgan
Webster Marshall Spencer 1834-1910
“GrandFather’s Story” is written about this son of Bethia Morgan
Charles Homer Spencer 1864-1941
Son of Webster Marshall Spencer
Leota Pearl Spencer 1892-1979
daughter of Charles Homer Spencer
Spencer Lewis Frey 1915-1978
my cowboy grandfather; only son of my great-grandMother Leota Pearl Spencer


Update: My 10th great-grandfather, Robert Morgan, (1601?-1672) is our immigrant ancestor for our Spencer’s Morgan line.

This Robert Morgan (SMM fss-SMM.caaa!13) is in Savage Vol.3 >> https://archive.org/details/genealogicaldic03savarich/page/232/mode/2up , with this note ”

ROBERT, Saco 1636, may be he of Kennebeck 1665, nam.in Sullivan,
287. ROBERT, Salem 1637, adm. of the ch. 1650, and on 23 June of
that yr. had bapt. Samuel, Luke, Joseph, and Benjamin, and on 15 Dec.
foll. Robert; Bethia, 29 1653; and Aaron, 24 May 1663; was one
of the found. of the ch. at Beverly 1667. His will, of 14 Oct. 1672,
pro. 24 June foll. names w. Margaret, s. Samuel, was w.'s f. Norman but
wh. he was is not clear),s. Benjamin, Robert, Bethia, s. Joseph, and
Moses.  His inv. was of 10  Nov. 1672. 

Robert Morgan is part of the WikiTree “Puritan Great Migration project” at >> https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Morgan-213 .

We have another Morgan line as ancestors of Valma Viers, Wife to Charles Spencer. The immigrant ancestor for our Viers’ Morgan line is James Morgan of New London CT, ~1607-1685 (fs-MORGAN.kaaa.13)

Family History index at https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/family-history-index/ ;

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