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Going Along – or Getting Out ?

When you lose your drivers’ License when does it become “going along” instead of “getting out”?   Independence is lost.  All spontinaiety is lost.  I am afraid that eventually, togetherness may be lost altogether.   Going to the store is not a get out, neither is going along with the wife to visit an estranged childhood friend whose father is dying in the hospital and is here just long enough to, well.  OK what is it?  What do you call traveling 2000 miles to watch somebody die?  Neither are BBQ’s where all people do is drink beer and wonder when the pig is going to get done.  Knowing damned well it takes something like 20 hours or more to roast a whole hog.  Weddings are Ok because the hosts leave early, and that makes it OK.  Church is the get out that isn’t got quite yet.  So are Hockey games.  Sit me down in a corner after I lose my license and ask me where I want to go.  Brazil would be nice.  Maybe Disney World.  The whole Northern tier towards Boston and back before the Glacier National Park’s highway freezes closed.  Just how many compatible realistic vacations are there anyway?  Some people make a business out of this.  I can see why.

Going along or getting out?  Being a hostage or a willing participant?  Things to ponder whenever I think I am getting a choice of where I can go.  Oh, I thought it was “cute” how my wife said “You are not driving anymore” and sold my truck.  It didn’t help that Doctors agreed.  Then it seemed somewhat funny she sold my truck and bought me a pair of walking shoes.  And that was all I got.  Her job has her working all the time and then some, so she is too tired to go anywhere.   Which is a shame as she works 4/ 10hr shifts, plus overtime and gets Friday, Saturday and Sunday off!  The Doctor isn’t any help and tells me to just get out and walk the dog a couple of times a day.  Great.  I get dogged doing laundry , dishes and scrubbing behind the toilets all day long.  Now, I get to get dogged on my walks too?

I think, I am going to give this some more thought.  I don’t have an answer, yet.

When you are dating it is easy to find exciting, cheap and fun places to go.   After 20 years of marriage, it gets a bit harder.  Firm limitations have set themselves in fairly deep on both fronts.  The only way to wage war on two fronts is, you got to have a bomb and it has to be a good one.  Just packing stuff in a rocket ship and sending it off isn’t good enough.  Then there’s saving up for it.  Planning for something that you can take somebody else to if somebody gets sick at the last minute, or is that too much like dating?  Come On!  It shouldn’t be this hard!  The only real alternative for me is to go to bed early and if the dreams are bad, at least I get to go somewhere on my own and am thoroughly thankful to have made it home on my own.

   Sincerely Cecil

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