Catching up with Gord Settle

“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD):  Gord Settle
with Lewy Body Dementia

These photos are from July and August 2017, with permission.

July 15, 2017 Gord posted “Ticked off Bucket List”:
Came across this muddy trail last year and found it on a map…..
ends at a river coming from Twin Lakes

so this year decided to hike it ….
not a lot of signs of wildlife in great numbers…..
bison, beaver….
nice hike
but sad that it is now ticked off list ? ?


Reflection of a late-day-moon in the small lake

Aug 2, 2017 Gord Posted “They Grow Up So Fast”
Here, at age 5, is the little cub I have followed since he was with his mom.
This year we have crossed paths more then previous.
Most time with him deep in undergrowth foraging
and only a picture of a dark ‘object’ parting the bush.
The Bug ((dog)) lets me know when he is around with a low growl and nose high in the air to indicate direction.
We all have a healthy respect for each other.
He has never displayed any stress/aggression when we cross paths
(no huffs, puffs, smacking or posturing).
We never push him for better photo op and intend to coexist,
in the woods.

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These photos are from July and August 2017, with permission.  Full sizes are available here >>

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