2000 Bodie

Isolation note:

Youngest child would soon graduate high school (in 2000) so we decided it was okay to move. (had waited so kids could finish school). Husband’s job was California State Park Maintenance, and he applied for Park maintenance job at Bodie, California.
We would have been one of the five couples living in residence to care for the ghost town.

Even tho i have a lot of “public” contact now, i am INTP and very much a loner.
People are extremely important to me, but (maybe because of that importance)
“people” time costs a lot of energy for me.
… and i cannot re-charge when others are around;
i re-charge by being alone.

My personal style is very “vintage”, and I was quite excited about our home being part of a “Living museum” (and dressing the part).
We had rows of boxes prepared for the move, but when we discovered first my husband’s father, then his mother had cancer … we were glad he had taken another position instead.

For the next couple years we drove back and forth to Sacramento every other week, so Bodie would not have been a good location for us after all.
But the town still holds a special place in my heart, for the might-have-been.


https://getpocket.com/explore/item/what-it-s-like-to-live-in-a-california-ghost-town .

Bodie State Historic Park – Bodie, California


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