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These are Links i find myself repeatedly sharing
when folks have questions about how “dementia” works.
Teepa Snow is one of the best teachers i know for making dementia symptoms easier to understand,
so many of these Links are from her archives.


i embedded the first few videos, and the last few.  But if i embed all of them the page will be very long.  So i just attached Links for each major type of dementia.  Even tho learning these things is a source of anticipatory grief for us, i think learning these things early-on is important for both our care-partners and ourselves. in earlier stages these things will be easier for US to learn — and apply to our preparation-efforts … than in mid-to later stages. At this time we still have the ability to make choices in our preparation — and preparation for our future care-partners. ******* Unfortunately family and friends often feel they dont really need to FIND time and energy for things like getting this information … until our Lack-of-Abilities makes it so THEY get stuck and realize they need help.  Until then it is all on US to find strategies and try to put them in action.

Dementia 101 from Teepa Snow on 20171221 at youtube .


re Rx:

Teepa Snow What is Dementia (excerpt 1) at >> .

Teepa Snow What is Dementia (excerpt 2) with basic info on Rx at >> .



Nice (DownLoadable) graphic at ;

Diagnosis Process (from Teepa Snow) at >> ;

More clinical explanation by Prof. Michael Hornberger (Professor of Applied Dementia Research at the Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, UK) at >> .


Alcohol-Related Dementia

at ;


Alzheimers: (from Alz Society) at >> .

Alz: Explanatory page for Alzheimers-type of Dementia is here >> ;

Patient Experience/ Vid by Brian LeBlanc at >> ;

Patient Experience/ David Kramer’s Diagnosis series begins (1/3) at >> ;


PCA (Posterior Cortical Atrophy) is an atypical variant of Alzheimer’s Disease:

Explanatory page for PCA at >> ;

UK Medical Research Council at >> ;

Patient Experience/ Cecil Ristow Quilting with PCA >> ;



FTD: CareBlazers’ FrontoTemporal Dementia at >> .

Explanatory page for Fronto-Temporal Dementia is here >> ;

Teepa Snow FTD excerpt1 at >> ;

Teepa Snow FTD excerpt2 at >> ;

Explanatory page for varieties of FTD (including PPA) at >> ;

Stages of FTD by geriatrician James Ellison >> ;

Symptoms and Causes at >> ;

Lots of Links at >> ;


… BvFTD (Behavioral Variant) is a type of FTD:

Patient Experience: Diana Winoker in 2-min vid at ;

… PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia) is a type of FTD; includes 3 variants  >> ;

((no Links yet on other types of FTD))


Lewy Body

LBD Resource Center at >> ;

LBD Symptoms Pg2 at >> ;

10 Things to Know for Lewy Body Dementia is here >> ;

LBD: Teepa Snow Lewy Body Dementia at .

Patient Experience; Robert Bowles on diagnosis process, in 2-min vid at ;



Explanatory page for Vascular Dementia at >> ;

Teepa Snow Vascular Dementia (excerpt 1/ Apathy & Depression) at >> .

Teepa Snow Vascular Dementia (excerpt 2/Changing Levels of Alertness) at >> .

Patient Experience; Janice Crich in 4-min vid at >> ;



Childhood Dementia >> .


STAGES and MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment): 

Earliest Stages (from Teepa Snow) at >> .

Stages and Inconsistencies by Truthful Kindness at ;

Time Mag re 2011 change on diagnostic criteria for Mild Cognitive Impairment diagnosis instead of standard “dementia” diagnosis >> .


Diagnosis ETC:

Patient Experience of Diagnosis Process; 3-min vid with Paulan Gordon at >> (Video shown below);


Patient Experience/ Laurie Scherrer: early-stage “Christmas Tree Analogy” above.

Laurie Scherrer on what the doctors should have told you at >> ;


Patient Experience immediately following diagnosis; 2-min vid with Chris Roberts at >> ;

Chris Roberts: Let the Diagnosis Sink In from Dementia Mentors on Vimeo.


Reasons to go for Early Diagnosis by Truthful Kindness at ;


non-PLwD:  Safety Awareness (from Teepa Snow) at >> .


Links for TIPS on Symptoms and Strategies at .


More Links:

My most crucial entries are here >> .

Most recent are here >> .

Patient Experience; Retired Dr Jennifer Bute has EXCELLENT website (with tab for down-loadable resources) at >> .

non-PLwD: Teepa Snow video on “not Normal ??” at ;

Patient Experience; 26-min vid interview with retired Dr David Kramer on “Searching for Dementia Resources” at >> ;


PS:  Abbreviations:

PLwD (Person Living with Dementia);

and abbreviations for the best-known types of dementia are below:

AD (Alzheimer’s Disease);

FTD (FrontoTemporal Degeneration & BvFTD for Behavioral Variant FTD);

LB (Lewy Body) in Europe usually abbreviated DLB (Dementia with Lewy Bodies) & in USA it is abbreviated as LBD;

PPA (Primary Progressive Aphasia has 3 sub-types);

PCA (Posterior Cortical Atrophy – a sub-type of Alz);

YOD (Young-Onset Dementia is when onset is before 65 yrs of age)

.… and you might want to check out the Links gathered for Dementia Symptoms and Strategies (alphabetized) at


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