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These are Links i find myself repeatedly sharing
when folks have questions about how “dementia” works.
Teepa Snow is one of the best teachers i know for making dementia symptoms easier to understand,
so many of these Links are from her archives.

Dementia 101 from Teepa Snow on 20171221 at  .

Early Signs (from Teepa Snow) at .


insights from retired Dr Jennifer, as a person with dementia herself.  This video takes quite a while to load (more than several minutes on my computer)  … so WAIT for it at >> ..

re Rx:

Teepa Snow What is Dementia (excerpt 1) at >> .

Teepa Snow What is Dementia (excerpt 2) with basic info on Rx at >> .


Diagnosis Process (from Teepa Snow) at >> .


Alcohol-Related Dementia

at ;


Alzheimers: (from Alz Society) at >> .

Alz: Explanatory page for Alzheimers-type of Dementia is here >> ;

Alz-PCA : Explanatory page for PCA at >> ;



FTD: CareBlazers’ FrontoTemporal Dementia at >> .

Explanatory page for Fronto-Temporal Dementia is here >> ;

FTD –PPA by Susan Suchan (Person Living with Dementia) at ;

Teepa Snow FTD excerpt at >> ;

Explanatory page for varieties of FTD (including PPA) at >> ;

Lots of Links at >> ;


Lewy Body

Explanatory page for Lewy Body Dementia is here >> ;

LBD: Teepa Snow Lewy Body Dementia at .



Explanatory page for Vascular Dementia at >> ;

Teepa Snow Vascular Dementia (excerpt 1) at >> .

Teepa Snow Vascular Dementia (excerpt 2) at >> .



Earliest Stages (from Teepa Snow) at >> .


Redirecting Hallucinations (from Teepa Snow) at >> .

Safety Awareness (from Teepa Snow) at >> .

TIPS on Symptoms and Strategies at ;


My most crucial entries are here >> .

Most recent are here >> .

Retired Dr Jennifer Bute has EXCELLENT website (with tab for down-loadable resources) at >> .

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