PWD CJ Jaggers June 2015


Charles James Jaggers

I have been diagnosed with Altzheimers and Vascular dementias since July 2013.

DM 1Anniv 20150529

I instantly realised , that ,as there was no cure , that I would have to live as well as I could for as long as I could.

I told myself that I was only here on a temporary basis and as I was nearly 70 I had to die of something anyway.

The most important thing to me was not to do this thing feeling isolated and alone.

I learned that there was support online and in the community

Not all support, although well meaning , was right for the pwds.

After reading about cases of abuse and lapses of care in England and Wales I realised what a fight we have to get decent care for people with dementia.

I basically , apart from online, concentrate on seeing to my own and my wife’s needs .

I totally accept my wife’s need for respite and go in every 8 weeks.

I will be going into a local care home at a certain stage of my dementia.

Of course I am apprehensive of the potential loss of my personal power but I do see the need for it.

My daily living is what gives me quality of life and that is linked to my social needs ,feeling secure, intellectual needs ,home comforts,
spiritual needs are interconnectedness to my environment, to people
I have no specific religious belief but can partake with all.

I am an optimistic person and enjoy my life. I love humour and a joke.

These things work for me . I do have frustrations and disappointments that’s life.

I have overcome things like not being able to drive accepting that some things I can no longer do.
I may be able to have more help as I need it.

Below is Charles’ photo of bee from his garden:

616 CJ Jaggers pic bee 20150618a 3in075ppi

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