BnP Memoirs Part 3: a-d (1992 thru current)

“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page Part 3:

Part 3 = 1992 thru current
Part 3a 1992 thru 1999
1992 Guy Burnett
1992 Apr Invitation
1992 Apr Designed Wedding Dress
1992 Jun Wedding Vows
1992 Aug Note to Mom
1993 Jan Skate Rink
1993 Apr Prejudice
1993 Spr Girls
1993 Jun I Blew It
1996 Oct Missing

1997 Mother’s Day4Connie

1997 Those That Till

1997 Hurting Holiday Prayer

1998 Dec Snapshots
1999 Jan Peep
Part 3b (Disabled) 1999 thru 2007
1999 Feb I’m Still Scared
2000 Bodie

2000 Jul The Appeal
2000 Oct Camporee
2001 Jan This Willow Tree
2001 Jan A New Hat
2002 May Presentation: “Living With Disabilities”
2003 Jul Hero Working
2003 Sep He Likes Me
2003 Sep Caregiver Support
2004 Feb House Plans

2004 Trip to DonnaKay

2005 Jun Wonderful World
2006 Shaved
2007 Aug CASA Advocate
2007 Sep Name Change
Part 3c (New Start) 2007 thru 2012:
2008 Aug Good-Bye My Hero
2008 Sep West Nile Virus
2010 Mar Circle Completed
2010 Apr This Machine
2010 May Wedding Jacket
2011 Apr Country Love
2011 My Legacy
2012 Feb Calendaring
2012 Feb Stove
2012 Mar Snuggle and Onyx
2012 Jun Symptoms
2012 Jun Grad Party
2012 Jul Diagnosis
Part 3d (Dementia) 2012 thru current:
2012 Jul The Drive Observations
2012 Jul Priorities
2012 Sep Dreams
2013 Jan Family Art Project of Kitchen Floor

2015 Jan 25: Comment response for Chris Mann’s video “Remember Me”

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