This Life is Mine

“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Myrna Norman, 

Posted 2018 May 26 at her PUBLIC “Middle Stages” FaceBook group >>

I have dementia
The Frontol Temporal
and the Alzheimers types.

I am frightened
For the changes already
Made and those to come.

I am grieving
For my spirit and
For my disappearing soul.

I am in dispair
For these’s nothing
That can be done now.

I am aware
Of the words blowing
Away from my brain.

I want to be
Productive while I can
Before it’s too late.

I am pleading
For the stigma to
Be quieted for all.

I am choosing
To life on day at a time
This life is mine.

— Myrna Norman


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This piece was originally posted 2018 May 26 at her PUBLIC “Middle Stages” FaceBook group >>


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