PWD Michael Stempora 2014

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“PWD Perspective” Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Michael Stempora:

Michael Stempora with FTD 2014

Having been diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia in Nov of 2013, I was frightened.  I had no idea of what it was or what was happening to me.  A lot of research was helpful, but still not much help.  Now with a year or so into this, I am no longer scared.  I have been going about my life, and trying to record “mistakes” as they happen.  I am at peace with myself, finally, and have developed a sort of dignified sense of humor.  (which I notice is missing with some other patients).  I don’t have much support, as I appear normal to my children and especially my wife.  Depression is a big problem as is sleep patterns being so out of balance, but you have to cope and keep moving forward.  Having short term memory loss is quite interesting, apparently there isn’t much I need to remember about yesterday.  Long term memory is good, and I try to keep remembering events of the past and find this helpful.  I have no outside friends but am ok with this, I have my books and public television which is great (no commercials to remind me of what I might be missing.  What I am trying to say, I guess, that I know this is a “death sentence” but you can’t be afraid, and just let go, and let it takes its natural progression.  I would like my message to be “don’t be afraid to let go a little, and keep living the life that God has handed you”
Thank you for this opportunity
Michael Stempora

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