Opening FB Group for DSP Prayer



Dementia Symptom Perspectives (DSP) 4Prayer is an off-shoot from the “Dementia Symptom Perspectives” educational page found here >> .  Link for PRAYER group is at the bottom of this blog entry.

Members include persons with some type of dementia or MCI
plus care-partners, family, and/or professionals.

In order to keep the first-person “dementia symptom perspective”,
membership of folks who have dementia symptoms will always be at least 50% of total membership,
… so there may be a waiting List for membership of those who do NOT have dementia.

Most members will probably be “Christian”,
with some members who hold other Bible/Torah beliefs.

Our purpose is prayer;
Mostly Christian CLOSED group on prayer
for those with some type of dementia/MCI
AND others in their personal periphery.
Anyone can find the group and see who runs it.
Only members can see member’s names or what they post.

Any member can post prayer request,
but each post must be approved by an Administrator
before it is added on the FB group page.
This limits page activity,
allowing greater participation by those living with dementia.

ALL comments must reflect kind tolerance for others.
Rants of any type will be deleted.
This group is not to proslytize any belief system.
Our purpose is PRAYER.

Notice/ Failing Filters:
This group has Limited membership , and is a Closed group.
HOWEVER, “privacy” needs and our lack of filter do not always go together.
Folks with dementia frequently forget what is appropriate to say,
and when.
So no guarantee that our filter will not fail.
We could possibly forget that names or information came from THIS source,
and should not be shared.
Sometimes all our info
is jumbled
and we have no idea where we got any specific piece of information.
OVER-sensitivity to privacy issue has caused me to leave some groups;
I just cannot be sure I will not say something
… so safer to not be part of the group.
Thus, i put this reminder about our failing filters.

Group Location is here >> .
Look forward to seeing you  ((smile)).

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UPDATE: ((Previously, i had a notice here at base of each entry with announcement and Logo for HealthLine 2019 Best Alz Blogs. To my surprise, after HealthLine contacted me in January with fact that i was included in 2019 Best Alz Blogs, then announcing it publically on March 18, … ten days later they decided against including writers with Mild Cognitive Impairment, and removed this blog from their listing, leaving only one first-person perspective. Now i am deleting each of those announcements of my inclusion on HealthLine Best Alz Blogs for 2019. i hope they soon decide to include at least one other first-person perspective in their “Best Alzheimers Blogs”.)) >>

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