BnP 1-15 Good-Night from Daddy

“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page 15:

One of the days when Daddy put us kids to bed:

(Text is typed below for ease of reading.)
BnP 1964 RAP Lo

So now it’s time to go to bed;
to put your pillow ‘neath your head.

To close your eyes and to G-d pray
and thank him for this lovely day.

To thank him for your mom and dad
and all the fun that you have had.

But most of all thank G-d above
that it is you that he does love.

And when you wake from bed to rise
and rub the sleep out of your eyes,

you’ll find it is a bright new day
with lots of time for fun and play.

(I don’t remember Dad writing these after Julie was gone …
just like no vacations; the family wasn’t complete.
So this must have been written before summer of 1964.)

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