PWD Cecil Ristow June 2015

616 CecilRistow Embr House Elf 20150628b 4in100ppi

“Cecil; The House Elf” (embroidery)

Cecil Ristow I hate that where does your identity goes when you retire, thing ! Time to scrapbook , I suppose, what a mess. It’s not like I’ve forgotten all that stuff just because it all swims around and takes me a week to “sift’ through. In machine gun school they told me the same mechanics were in a sewing machine. So, today I fired up the embroidery machine and the rest was easy. Don’t have to see to do it, well, that was the second thing they taught !

I make this look good !
You should see my house ((smile))
CLEAN ~ like you mean it !

Where does  it Go ?- posted and accepted 6/28/15

There begs a question.  How does one keep their identity growing old in general?  Volunteer work? That is what the Government suggests.  Staying active, at whatever degree you can.  Great idea, except if your aging diagnosis has anything to do with the brain.

After all, who wants the liability for “something happening” because your brain “glitches” and you take out a small group of kids, or a guy in a wheelchair ”  Ha, I meant for a walk !  How we are hardwired to respond to our prejudices where the brain is concerned !

Consulting works for a bit.  Until they realize it’s your brain giving out information and that it is affected by aging.  Then your “It will never fly, Orville.” comment will go over their heads and they will try to re-invent the wheel anyway.  And, after thousands and millions of dollars are spent reorganizing procedures, plans and strategies,  it doesn’t fly.  You told them,  but they went ahead and tried anyway.  Who pays for that?  Maybe if the advice wasn’t free ?  So, is it even possible to  ‘Bill’  people just for talking to them?  Lawyers do it.

These days, as the times they are a changing,  are filled with scary implications.  Car thieves failing to get away because the old lady drives a stick.  Your identity being quite safe because thieves cannot read a phone book.  Your money being safe in the bank because you haven’t got any.   See, the Government is looking out for us by cutting hackers off at our pockets.

Crazy is well defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  Normal always was what all successful people do.   Criminals actually hurt people.  What “gray areas” are there?

The Facebook Generation is actually tired of the  “rhetoric”  or the drama concerning people who just don’t “get it”.   Perhaps, they are developing an intolerance for stupidity.  What happens if this extends itself towards adults.   Losing all credibility.  It happened with my generation,  don’t trust anybody over 30!   Then we created what we thought was our own, damned wheel !  No, it didn’t fly either!

Then we grow up,   stop obsessing about the wheel and get successful doing what works.  Too late, the kids are already grown and still don’t get it!  That’s why Europe hates any kind of different ethnicity and won’t change because of eons worth of people taking things from each other.  The United States is all about moving away and doing what works to be successful.  That unique Native American ideal of, “Hey, you want it?  You can have it,  and I’ll go make something better!” , really work anywhere but here.  Europeans don’t” get it” and neither does the rest of the world.   They are too busy trying to own more than they need or can use.  I wonder if in 10,000 years we will be  just living in tents and following the water?

Tax Laws in the U.S. , along with Hollywood , keep that from happening here. Yet another way the Government is ensuring our way of life continues.  I don’t feel so bad about my brain “glitching”, or the money I’ve lost in talking to people for free.  I can’t drive anymore because my vision is bad.  Criminals don’t want anything I’ve got.  I am no longer expecting different results and all I have to worry about is what goes into my slow cooker by 10 am.   Life just doesn’t get any better than that!   Technologies come and go, but there still has to be Ice Cream.

 Thank you for your consideration.   Sincerely Cecil

 …   …   …

616 CecilRistow Needlewrk 20150628a 3in075ppi

Sun Hat for my Grand Daughter. Cool airy design to keep the sun out of her eyes in the car and outside. Stretches to size BIG for later on. And clipping the orange yarn inside will release the ban and brim without unraveling as I finished it off before adding the brim.

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