Nocturnal Hallucinations

Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Jennifer Bute,

with Lewy Body dementia.

Some strategies might be:
1.  Visit in lodgings that are familiar,
because each inn or motel for that organization  is the same.
2.  Don’t be surprised;
Reality of nocturnal hallucinations are same as day-time reality.
3.  Therapeutic benefit of writing for coping-strategy.


2018 March 23

Nights can be a challenge.

They are usually disturbed,
can be frightening or just distressing, as

one is not sure what actually did happen.

Where I go away and need to stay overnight, such as when speaking at a conference starting early in the morning,
I almost always stay in a Premier Inn, as they are all identical in every way, hence familiar.

I need confidence that if I get confused, someone knows how to deal with me.

I once tried to sleep n a cupboard thinking the metal storage shelves were my bed.
I was with my son in Ukraine and we had a good laugh.

One night my husband found me in the office disconnecting all the leads on every machine.
Apparently I told him I was sure it would keep the wild animals away.
I think It frightened him more than me .


So when here I got up the morning wearing strange clothes,
finding my night dress on the floor in the bathroom and displaying a glorious black eye,
I had no idea what I had been up to in the night ……!

Nocturnal hallucinations are really the same as in the day time as to their reality.

When I saw an ambulance backing into my bedroom, I just laughed as I knew it could not have got up the stairs.

Smells are no worse than during the day
and sounds such as the door bell or telephone a minor inconvenience
as long as I realise soon enough not to waste time hunting for the source.

If I remembered to lock my front door I can be sure people are not real but then I can never remember until I try it in the morning!

I learnt from Richard Taylor the author of ‘Dementia from the Inside Out’ the therapeutic benefit of writing about things in order to help cope with them!

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