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Rollo the Viking lived abt 860-930ad, and was my 33rd great-grandFather thru Leota’s mother, Valma Viers.
Found him when i was researching ancestors in the line leading to Charlemagne (742-814).
The few generations that are not well-documented are confirmed by dna matches.  Generations from the yrs 860-1600s are confirmed by two professional genealogists – both FASG (American Society of Genealogists).
Our line descends thru the SISTER of William the Conqueror.

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“Dudo records that when Rollo took Bayeux by force, he carried off with him the beautiful Popa or Poppa, a daughter of Berenger, Count of Rennes, took her in marriage and with her had their son and Rollo’s heir, William Longsword.” (my 32nd great-grandfather)

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> says “Viking chieftain Rollo was the founder of Normandy, and the ancestor of the British royal family.  For centuries it has been debated whether he was originally from Denmark or Norway, especially if he could be the exiled Rollo from Møre.
In March a Norwegian led delegation open a sarcophagus of two of Rollo’s descendants, the Dukes Richard I and Richard II, to test where DNA their stems from …”  (Richard I is my 31st great-grandfather).


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UPDATE 20Sep2020: >> (finding strong dna influence from Southern Europe and Asia into pre-1000AD Viking dna) … and Viking communities much more varied in dna than what was expected.  ((However that matches expectations i have read from one of my favorite authors on topic — but cannot find his name right now)).  will try to remember to add his name when i see it next.

Viking note: New translation/interpretation for the Rök runestone from central middle Sweden, dated to around 800 CE.  “This study proposes instead that the inscription deals with an anxiety triggered by a son’s death and the fear of a new climate crisis similar to the catastrophic one after 536 CE. Combining perspectives and findings from semiotics, philology, archaeology, and history of religion, the study presents a completely new interpretation which follows a unified theme, showing how the monument can be understood in the socio-cultural and religious context of early Viking Age Scandinavia. The inscription consists, according to the pro­posed interpretation, of nine enigmatic questions. Five of the questions con­cern the sun, and four of them, it is argued, ask about issues related to the god Odin. A central finding is that there are relevant parallels to the inscription in early Scandinavian poetry, especially in the Eddic poem Vafþrúðnismál.”  >>  (dated 10Jan2020);

Relationship String:

Rollo the Viking, “Gaange Rolf” Hrólfr; 1st Duke of Normandy, Count of Rouen (id#2020032) lived 860-930AD
33rd great-grandfather to myself.
William Longsword Guillaume Longue-épée Chieftain of the Norse, Count of Rouen!35 893-942
Son of Rollo the Viking, “Gaange Rolf” Hrólfr 1st Duke of Normandy, Count of Rouen!36
Richard I “the Fearless” Duke of Normandy, Count of Rouen!34 932-996
Son of William Longsword Guillaume Longue-épée Chieftain of the Norse, Count of Rouen!35
Geoffrey “Godfrey” deBruine Count of Eu & Brionne!33 962-1015
Son of Richard I “the Fearless” Duke of Normandy, Count of Rouen!34
Gilbert Crispin Giselbert de Brionne Count of Brionne & Eu!32 1000-1040
Son of Geoffrey “Godfrey” deBruine Count of Eu & Brionne!33
Richard FitzGilbert Lord of Clare!31 1032-1090
Son of Gilbert Crispin Giselbert de Brionne Count of Brionne & Eu!32
Walter FitzRobert, Sir Lord/Dunmow, Seigneur deMeri fsv-VAG.wi3a.hea!29 1134-1198
Son of Robert FitzRichard, Constable of Baynard’s Castle Steward to Kings fsv-VAG.wi3a.hea!30
Alice FitzWalter fsv-VAG.wi3a.hea!28 1158-
Daughter of Walter FitzRobert, Sir Lord/Dunmow, Seigneur deMeri fsv-VAG.wi3a.hea!29
Hamon Sir Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!27 1194-1241
Son of Alice FitzWalter fsv-VAG.wi3a.hea!28
Gilbert Sir Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!26 1230-1291
Son of Hamon Sir Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!27
Gilbert Sir 2nd Lord Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!24 1306-1349
Son of Gilbert “Lord Pecche” Pecche, Baron, Steward/King’s HsHold fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!25
Katherine Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!23 1339-1406
Daughter of Gilbert Sir 2nd Lord Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!24
Margaret Notbeam fsv-VAG.wi3a.daa!22 1378-1443
Daughter of Katherine Pecche fsv-VAG.wi3a.haa!23
Cecily Hinkley fsv-VAG.wi3a.baa!21 1405-1454
Daughter of Margaret Notbeam fsv-VAG.wi3a.daa!22
Thomasine Caldebeck fsv-VAG.wi3a!20 1430-
Daughter of Cecily Hinkley fsv-VAG.wi3a.baa!21
Anne Underhill fsv-VAG.wina!19 1465-1506
Daughter of Thomasine Caldebeck fsv-VAG.wi3a!20
Joan Knighton fsv-VAG.wiga!18 1485-1544
Daughter of Anne Underhill fsv-VAG.wina!19
Elizabeth Bull fsv-VAG.wiba!16 1563-1609
Daughter of Richard Gent Bailiff Burgess/Hertford Bull fsv-VAG.wiba!17
Thomas Lawrence fsv-VAG.wiaa!15 1589-1625
Son of Elizabeth Bull fsv-VAG.wiba!16
Jane Lawrence fsv-VAG.wiaa!14 1614-1680
Daughter of Thomas Lawrence fsv-VAG.wiaa!15
James Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!13 1641-1720
Son of Jane Lawrence fsv-VAG.wiaa!14
Nathaniel Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!12 1680-1736
Son of James Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!13
Nathaniel Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!11 1705-1768
Son of Nathaniel Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!12
Sarah Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!10 1728-1778
Daughter of Nathaniel Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!11
Jacob Gallup fsv-VAG.faaa!09 1761-1798
Son of Sarah Giddings fsv-VAG.waaa!10
Lucy VAG Gallup fsv-VAG.faaa!08 1789-1850
Daughter of Jacob Gallup fsv-VAG.faaa!09
Elizabeth Allyn fsv-VAA.caaa!07 1812-1852
Daughter of Lucy VAG Gallup fsv-VAG.faaa!08
Charles Washington Viers fsv-V.aaaa!06 1840-1923
Son of Elizabeth Allyn fsv-VAA.caaa!07
Valma Angeline Viers fsv.aaaa!05 1872-1957
Daughter of Charles Washington Viers fsv-V.aaaa!06
Leota Pearl Spencer fs.aaaa!04 1892-1979
Daughter of Valma Angeline Viers fsv.aaaa!05
Spencer Lewis Frey f.aaaa!03 1915-1978
Son of Leota Pearl Spencer fs.aaaa!04


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