Tick-Borne Disease and Dementia

To my knowledge, first researcher on this topic was Dr Alan MacDonald.  He first became involved with the connection between Alzheimer’s and Lyme (aka Borrelia Burgdorferi), then recently has become involved in the connection between Lewy Body and Lyme.

His web site at https://alzheimerborreliosis.net/ .

2022, Dec09 Video 1.5-hours.  “Moving the Needle on Borreliosis” at https://youtu.be/ahpQrO_yr4w .  “Alan B. MacDonald, MD is a hospital pathologist by trade, and his world is microscopic images. He diagnoses disease daily based on the images from surgically removed tissues, blood smears, and microbiology specimens. In his private research, which he does at night or on weekends, he interprets images from diseased tissues. ”  Toward the end of this video, he addresses the question – What role might Borrelia play in Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body Dementia, or cancer?

2022, Nov15 Video 1-hour.  “The Connection between Syphilis, Lyme, and Dementia” at https://youtu.be/pBARnd59uZA .

2022, Sep10 Audio 2-hour podcast.  “Ahead of the Curve”; “In this comprehensive interview, Dr. MacDonald discusses his groundbreaking and yet to be published research findings on topics such as the Lyme disease connection to suicide, brain cancer, Leukemia, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, in addition to how acute Lyme disease disrupts liver function and why and how Lyme disease testing is flawed.”  at https://youtu.be/_Jh47toFzvA .

2022, Aug10 Complex medical article “Microbial DNA globular liquid crystal like deposits inside Lewy bodies in four Lewy dementia patients” at https://www.ilads.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/MCR-22-30-7.pdf , and summary of article at https://lymediseaseassociation.org/news/lewy-body-dementia-associated-with-borrelia-in-the-brain/ .

2021, Jun08 Article at https://www.lymedisease.org/macdonald-lyme-lewy-body-dementia/ ;

2015, Oct15 ILADS Award “MacDonald has also done groundbreaking research on the potential connection between Lyme and Alzheimer’s diseases.” >> https://www.thefreelibrary.com/ILADS+foundation+names+MacDonald+as+award+recipient.-a0430893141 ;

2006, May03 Medical Hypotheses “Plaques of Alzheimer’s disease originate from cysts of Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease spirochete” at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16675154/ ;


… Like some of the other Lyme specialists, Dr Alan MacDonald is quite involved in what some term the continuing “Lyme Wars”.  i will leave “comments” open, but will probably simply ignore rants.  i am not interested in spending my energy in that battle, so please don’t share vitrol on my WebSpace.  This is simply sharing Links of possible interest.

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