3-mo Cough

Bits ‘n’ Pieces Journal entry. 02Nov2020.

I think almost 3 months of coughing is catching up with me.

It began with ash from Local Fires in the air during mid-August,
(apocalyptical environment with so little sun reaching us that street Lights were on most of the daytime hours).
My cough AND my dementia symptoms have progressively just got worse and worse, until now it is November.

Today, We have a fire in the stove, and thermometer says 85 degrees
… but it feels perfect temperature to me. 
((This shows that my self-energy is very very low.))


Chest x-Ray (for pneumonia), blood work (for TB), and covid test were all normal. 
After “comedy” of errors that did not feel very humorous to us,
Finally all process of eliminations were done, and inhaler was prescribed on Friday evening.
– but did not see any benefits on Saturday.

Thoroughly exhausted yesterday (Sunday).

Even holding my eyes open was great effort, altho not really “sleepy”. 
Headache, but nothing as intense as it was Saturday with the coughing jags. 
Saturday it felt like the front of my skull was literally going to explode from pressure in the middle of my forehead when I coughed. 
Sunday could not find energy for bath, and first time in a long time that I have needed balance-assist even just inside the house.

With very low energy, Dementia symptoms intensify.  … just the way it is.

Today is Monday, and I think the inhaler is finally helping;
few coughing jags, and far less coughing in general today. 
Feeling like i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this particular challenge.

cough… hack… ACK!!
While I can still talk, I… wheeze… pant… want to thank you…

— Cid at https://quotes.yourdictionary.com/cough .



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