PWD David Kramer August 2015

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Excerpt from one of my retired doctor PWD friends, David Kramer, on his FaceBook Page called …

  Living Well with Alzheimer’s on August 27, 2015

HOLY CRAP! Those Biogen folks must be shaking in their “genes!”

From the JAMA abstract, “more than one-third of APOE4 noncarriers with the primary clinical diagnosis of mild to moderate Alzheimer dementia had minimal Aβ (beta amyloid) plaque accumulation in the cerebral cortex and, thus, may show limited or no benefit from otherwise effective anti-Aβ treatment.”

These are autopsy definitive results. Almost half of these people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s with minimal amyloid plaque had extensive tau “tangles.” Furthermore, Dr Reiman pointed out that although close to 45% of individuals with minimal plaque had evidence of somewhat extensive tau pathology, a similar percentage of older adults without dementia had the same amount of tau pathology.

These new results suggest that there’s a group of patients without amyloid or another form of pathology who have dementia “and we don’t know why just yet,” said Dr Reiman. The idea, said Dr Reiman, is to “set the stage for the field to rapidly evaluate the range of promising prevention therapies ultimately with biomarker endpoints, not waiting to see who goes on to develop symptoms so that we could have chance to find one that works within 10 years.”

Keep in mind that the most common biomarker currently being looked at (via PET scans and/or spinal fluid) in diagnostic studies and clinical trials is amyloid. Uh-Oh! How do we account for those with Alzheimer’s disease without significant amyloid plaque? Is the diagnosis wrong? What about those with plenty of plaque but no Alzheimer’s or other dementia? What if tau is the primary offender? What if it’s something else entirely? Let me muddy the water even more for you: statistical significance does NOT necessarily indicate clinical significance.

So what should those of us with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s do? Panic? Peruse Pub Med daily? Ingest large amounts of completely unproven supplements with no unbiased high-quality medical evidence behind them?

Hell no! It’s time to party! Time to enjoy life! Time to make the most of every minute! Time to get our there and do the things you’ve always wanted to do! Time to ignore the snake oil salesmen!

Here’s an idea. Don’t waste your life searching and hoping, LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW and…Stay tuned!  .

Excerpts above from my friend David Kramer‘s FaceBook Page called Living Well with Alzheimer’s at

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