DSS- Robert Bowles Jr

Dementia Success Stories:
“How we made a difference for self and those around us AFTER diagnosis”
A dementia brain-storming project by participants of PWD Perspective newsletter

  1. Label: Robert Bowles, Jr.…
  2. Previous/current occupation(s?):Pharmacist
  3. Nation, & state if desired: …USA, Georgia……
  4. Age at tentative diagnosis: 64…
  5. Year of diagnosis: …2012…
  6. How long for definitive diagnosis: …2012…
  7. Type of dementia, if known:Lewy Body Dementia……
  8. Since diagnosis, what one or more action, success, or accomplishment do you take pride in? A) October 2013 – Lewy Body Awareness Event – raised over $26,000 and netted over $16,000 (after golft cart raffle and promo) to give to LBDA; B) October 2014 – Spoke at LBDA inaugural Leg-It-For-Lewy in Stone Mountain, Georgia; C) 2014 – LBDA did ad Fall Flyer – Tri-fold “Robert Bowles – Making a Difference; D) October 2014 –Administrate Facebook Page – Forget Me Not – Lewy Body Dementia [[ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1466664356939288/ ]]; E) January 2015 – Started Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LBDlivingbeyonddiagnosis; F) January 2015 – Started website [[www.lbdlivingbeyonddiagnosis.com .; G) January 2015 started Thomaston Memory Café; H) March 2015 will sart Cambridge House Memory Café n Thomaston.; I) April 2015 will start Cambridge House Memory Café Newnan Guest on Conversations in Care Radio Program with discussion of my journey with LBD; J) Guest on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Program – Dementia Chats – Ask the Experts 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month Guest on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Program on Tuesday mornings; K) Soon to be a guest on Gary Joseph LeBlanc program – Commonsense Caregiving with discussion about LBD My mantras are “You’re your family like never before and Life is a gift from God .
  9. What do you wish your primary Physician knew about dementia? … about you? I wished they realized there was LIFE after diagnosis… Recently saw a physician and he asked me if I could comprehend what I read. I suggested that he take the documents that I was leaving with him and let me know what he thinks after reading them …
  10. What do you wish your specialist Physician knew about dementia? … about you? … …There is life after diagnosis …
  11. What do you wish your family knew about dementia? … about you?  …There is so much that I can still do. Let me fail because there is so much I can still do …


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One thought on “DSS- Robert Bowles Jr

  1. I attend my first meeting yesterday at the memory café. I really enjoyed it I have read about Dementia, but this meeting! talking with people, and seeing face to face the ones that dementia have touch there lives it touch my heart I thank you Mr. Bowles for the invite may you continue on your journey and God Bless.

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