Death of John Drake

Tru here regarding an event 361 years ago.

Our immigrant in the Drake line is John Drake.  Emigration date from England MAY have been 1637, but is not well-documented.  John was on a list of original proprietors of Taunton, Massachusetts that dates to 1638 or 1639.

The 1659 Death of John Drake (10th great-grandFather) is described in the Town Records of Windsor Connecticut.  Page 2 of the 1933 book “The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor Connecticut” quotes the colorful spelling of his death report.

Preview of that page is available here >> , but i will paraphrase:

17 Aug 1659.  John Drake Sr was driving a cart-load of corn to his son Jacob’s.  Cart was led by two oxen and his mare. Something scared the cattle and they started running.  John tried to stop them running by taking hold of the mare, but was thrown and the cart wheel went over him.  He was thought dead and was moved to his daughter’s house. He revived but only for a short time. He was buried the next day, 18 Aug 1659.

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((An exciting possibility is also included in this ancestry line — but more about that in the future.))

John Drake’s Line to us is:

John Sr Drake SSS fss-SSS.ibaa.13 1585-1659
10th great-grandfather
John Jr Drake SSS fss-SSS.ibaa!12 1616-1688
Son of John Sr Drake SSS fss-SSS.ibaa.13
Mary Drake SSS fss-SSS.ibaa!11 1666-1728
Daughter of John Jr Drake SSS fss-SSS.ibaa!12
Thomas Deacon Marshall fss-SSS.iaaa!10 1693-1772
Son of Mary Drake SSS fss-SSS.ibaa!11
Lydia Marshall fss-SSS.iaaa!09 1747-NaN
Daughter of Thomas Deacon Marshall fss-SSS.iaaa!10
Jesse SSS Spencer fss-SSS.aaaa!08 1772-1856
Son of Lydia Marshall fss-SSS.iaaa!09
Jonathan William Spencer fss-SS.aaaa!07 1800-1885
Son of Jesse SSS Spencer fss-SSS.aaaa!08
Webster Marshall Spencer fss-S.aaaa!06 1834-1910
Son of Jonathan William Spencer fss-SS.aaaa!07
Charles Homer Spencer fss.aaaa!05 1864-1941
Son of Webster Marshall Spencer fss-S.aaaa!06
Leota Pearl Spencer fs.aaaa!04 1892-1979
Daughter of Charles Homer Spencer fss.aaaa!05


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