PWD Jennifer Bute 2014

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“PWD Perspective” 2014 Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): retired Dr Jennifer Bute:

1st   I used when I spoke in Oxford at a conference this year and I said:

616 JenniferBute Poppies 20150731b 3in100ppi

“I love poppies
they give me joy,
they like to grow in rough barren places
where little else will grow
particularly when the ground is disturbed

They remind me there can be joy
in the disturbed ground
of the sometimes barren places where we now live! ( figuratively speaking! )”

 …       ***       …       ***       …       ***       …
616 JenniferBute BrokenPot 20150731a
and 2nd I used at a conference in Birmingham this year where I  was speaking and I said:
“I used to work in a mission Hospital in Africa
and one of my patients gave me this clay pot which I sent back to England by post
… that was before I had a diagnosis of dementia!

It arrived in pieces
but having an obstinate nature I put it together again
and now it is even more precious to me than before it was broken.
e are precious to God
to our families
to our friends 

no matter what the state of our bodies
brains or minds

even if in pieces at times”
3rd I used at a conference in London:

“Kin-tsU-kUr-oi  is the Japanese art of repairing broken things with gold
to make them more beautiful than if they not been broken  or damaged
I think  it is  possible for dementia to present such an opportunity for each of us.
The precious things
into our lives
we are broken

us beautiful”

Jennifer Bute, 2014
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Update by Tru 2016 January:
“Everything is Broken” an (audio) “message of hope by James Radcliffe on Kintsugi ;  Without viewing the words while I am hearing them, the dementia symptom of scrambled audio signals prevents my getting very deep into James’ words — but I suspect my friends without symptoms will enjoy it.

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