This Will Be Me

.Original entry at Myrna’s FaceBook group “Dementia Middle Stages.


“WorthLess”, “UnLovable”, “Despicable”, “HopeLess”,
“ShameFull”, and “Unwanted”. 
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.Sometimes just coughing out loud makes you feel better, so move out of the way readers.


I have some friends who have experience with persons with dementia and
they can’t help but share
the unsanitary,
the grissly,
the inappropriateness
of the person with dementia.

I know it is not done with malice
but the pain it causes me is magnified because
in due time
this will be me.

These scenes play in my mind over and over
complete with embellishments of my own imagination.

I do understand that venting is so important and of course that’s what this is.


Guess what is getting difficult for me.
particularly my underwear is hard as hell.
Staying upright while tugging at my panties has become quite a sight for sore eyes.

Exhaughtion is my constant buddy
– loosing my abilities like typing (would be nice to type a word only once or twice)
getting my sandals on,
just ordering one thing on amazon and other such chores.

But let’s all keep getting on, getting on.
It is what it is!

— Myrna Norman 26Apr2017


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Original entry at Myrna’s FaceBook group “Dementia Middle Stages” >> , Myrna’s permission on 23Oct2020.


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