Spencer’s 21st Birthday Poem from Dad – 1982

I’m writing this for you, my son, to try to let you know

how very much you’ve meant to me, as I have watched you grow.


Since it’s a very special day,

for now you’re 21,

I’d like to tell how very much you’ve meant to me,

my son.


When you were just a baby boy,

although I had the chance,

I didn’t even take the time

to change your dirty pants.

I didn’t take the time with you

for giggling and fun.

I never took the time to say

“I’m proud of you, my son.”


It seems like only yesterday

when you were very small,

and you’d look at your dad

and say “I’ll never be that tall”.


With football in your freshman year

they’d knock you down and then

t’would only be a second

and you’re right back up again.


I’d watch as they would knock you down,

and tears came to my eyes.

I watched as you would hold your own

against those great big guys.


When you became a senior

and you’d grown strong and tall,

you always did the perfect job

of handling that ball.


Again the tears came to my eyes

– but they were tears of joy,

for it was only yesterday

he was a little boy.


You are no longer small,

-in fact you’re almost family-size.

You’ve grown to be a man, my son;

you’re gentle, strong and wise.


So now I close this little poem;

I took the time I had,

to tell you I am proud to be

the man you call your “Dad”.


—  ***  —

Spencer went on with Football Scholarship to College.

—  ***  —

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