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By middle-stages, Memory and Recognition are huge issues with most types of dementia.
These are my favorite Links for greater insight on symptoms and strategies regarding Memory and Recognition.
Thanks to Barry Pankhurst, George Huba PhD, Janice Crich, Paulan Gordon, retired doctor Jennifer Bute, Jim Pfefferkorn, Laurie Scherrer, Michelle Montgomery, Paul Hitchmough, Peter Berry, Shelagh Robinson, Susan Suchan, Tommy Dunne, Wendy Mitchell and … (withOUT dementia) Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh and teacher Teepa Snow.


Listed Links on MEMORY first, then RECOGNIZING family and friends in the next section.

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Asking to go Home by Truthful Kindness at ;

BookCases illustration in 5-min vid with Wendy Mitchell at ;

Calendaring 2-min vid by retired Dr Jennifer Bute at ;

Contact List by Janice Crich at ;

Dementia and the Memory Stick by Norman McNamara at ;

Diary by Barry Pankhurst at ;

“Draw it” by George Huba PhD at ;

“Feelings are Memories” by Susan Suchan at ;

Forgetting i have Memory Problems by Truthful Kindness at ;

“Hole in my Memory” 2-min audio with Tommy Dunne and Paul Hitchmough at ;

Journaling by Paulan Gordon at ;

LifeBook by retired Dr Jennifer Bute at ;

“Memory Apps & Lighting” project with Tommy Dunne at ;

Memory Challenges in 7-min vid by Peter Berry at ;

“Memory Poem” by Wendy Mitchell at ;

“Music Memories” by Jim Pfefferkorn at ;

Preparing with Song by Michelle Montgomery at ;

Repeat Questions by Truthful Kindness at ;

Thinking Aloud by Truthful Kindness at ;

Transferring Memory by Edrie Edrie at ;

“Twinkling Lights on Christmas Tree” 2-min vid by Laurie Scherrer at .

“When your Memory lets you down” by Wendy Mitchell at ;

“Where are you?” by Truthful Kindness at ;

Write Things Down by Paulan Gordon at ;

not PLwD: “Accusations” by Valerie Feurich (with Teepa Snow project) at ;

not PLwD: “Where is Joe” by Psychologist Amanda Mullen (with Teepa Snow project) at ;

not PLwD: 15-min Radio show by Teepa Snow at ;

v interestg Link at ;


RECOGNIZING Family and Friends (MisIndentification Syndrome, capgras, etc)

Are YOU my husband? by Truthful Kindness at ;

Context of Appearance by Truthful Kindness at ;

“How could i Forget YOU?” by Shelagh Robinson at ;

“Recognizing Visitors” section by Truthful Kindness at ;

not PLwD:  first 7min of “Ask Teepa Anything” vid at ;

not PLwD:  Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh at >> ;

not PLwD:  “Misidentification syndromes” frequency in 2008 study; “MIS was identified in 15.8% of cases with AD, 16.6% of patients with DLB, and in 8.3% of individuals with semantic dementia.”   >> .

not PLwD:  U of M Health >> .


(also see categories for “conversation”, “writing/reading”, and “non-verbal communication”) at .

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